Pricing Tiers

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019 02:08PM PDT
Each variant can have multiple pricing tiers, which allows for fast and flexible pricing both in Stitch (for manual orders) and on supported sales channels (using Master of Price). There are multiple ways to add and update pricing tier info:

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

Add Pricing Tiers When Creating a Product

When creating a product in Stitch, you can enter however many pricing levels/tiers you like. Prices added here will be applied to all variants of a product, but they can easily be adjusted later (for example, if you want to charge more for a King-size blanket than a Queen or Twin).

Note: Avoid using non-alphanumeric characters such as apostrophes, slashes, etc. when naming pricing tiers. Non-alphanumeric characters may cause system errors.

Add/Edit Pricing on an Existing Variant

Once a product has been created, you can edit pricing for individual variants. The Edit Variant page can be accessed from either the Product Detail page (Inventory > Products > Product Detail > Edit Variant) or the Variant Detail page (Inventory > Variants > Variant Detail > Edit Variant).

Edit Pricing Tiers in Bulk via CSV

You can also edit your prices in bulk using the Inventory CSV. Export the CSV (Inventory tab > Actions menu > Export Inventory CSV), update existing pricing tiers for some or all of your products, then save and import your changes via the Actions menu.

Removing and Renaming Pricing Tiers

By default, Stitch has three pricing tiers: Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution; these tiers are empty until you populate them. Stitch also creates a pricing tier for any channel that you import products from, naming the tier after its corresponding channel. When you import a channel product into Stitch inventory, Stitch pulls in pricing info for each item, but these values won't update if you change pricing on your channel after import.

Account owners and administrators can remove and rename pricing tier types in the Account Settings (Account Menu > Stitch Settings > Manage Custom Fields > Product Fields > Product Pricing Tier Types):