Replenishment Report (Beta)

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2018 02:53PM PDT
This report shows dynamic reorder points and suggested reorder quantities based on sales velocity and values you set. Use it to inform purchasing based on expected demand and supply.

Note: This report is part of Smart Replenishment (Version 2, Beta); please share feedback with dan [at] stitchlabs [dot] com.


Each row reflects a supplier variant association for a particular warehouse.

This report includes any variant with a supplier association where Automate is on.


This report includes the following fields:
Field Definition Source
Warehouse Warehouse name Stitch Settings
Supplier Supplier name Stitch contact
Primary Supplier designated as primary (one primary relationship per variant) User-defined
Product ID Unique product ID System-defined
Variant ID Unique variant ID System-defined
Variant Name Auto-generated variant description System-defined
SKU Stock-keeping unit User-defined
Total Available Aggregate available quantity across all warehouses System-defined
WH Stock On-hand stock quantity in that warehouse System-defined
WH Available Available quantity in that warehouse System-defined
WH Inbound Quantity expected via purchase order or transfer order for that warehouse Calculated
7 Day Sales Velocity Warehouse-level velocity over last 7 days Calculated
14 Day Sales Velocity Warehouse-level velocity over last 14 days Calculated
30 Day Sales Velocity Warehouse-level velocity over last 30 days Calculated
60 Day Sales Velocity Warehouse-level velocity over last 60 days Calculated
90 Day Sales Velocity Warehouse-level velocity over last 90 days Calculated
Default Interval Velocity Warehouse-level velocity over your default velocity interval Stitch Settings
Velocity Multiplier Expected change in velocity, expressed as a decimal User-defined
Expected Velocity Default Interval Velocity * Velocity Multiplier Calculated
Days to Zero WH Available ÷ Expected Velocity Calculated
WH Inbound in Days WH Inbound ÷ Expected Velocity User-defined
Lead Time in Days The expected lead time from issuing a PO to receiving the inventory User-defined
Safety Stock in Days Your desired stock buffer (expressed in days), typically used to account for supply/transport delays User-defined
Days Until Reorder Days to Zero + Inbound - Lead Time - Safety Stock Calculated
Qty in Days Your maximum desired available quantity, expressed in days. User-defined
MOQ Minimum order quantity, typically enforced by your supplier/manufacturer User-defined
Target Reorder Qty ((Lead Time in Days Qty in Days) * Target Velocity) - WH Available - WH Inbound Calculated
Suggested Reorder Qty The greater of MOQ or Target Reorder Quantity Calculated

Note: To see meaningful calculated values, enter all user-defined values. Blank or zero user-defined values will render most calculations useless.

Use Cases

Filter by supplier to identify everything you'll want to reorder from a particular source.

Sort by Days Until Reorder to see items most in need of replenishment.