Channel Connect - Overview

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2018 03:06PM PDT
Channel Connect is a two-way integration between Stitch and an SFTP server, which can then connect to sales channels that don't natively integrate with Stitch.

Sync Summary

Stitch syncs information with your FTP server every ten minutes:

How It Works

Stitch and your sales channel share a folder on an SFTP server. Your sales channel writes files containing product listings and orders to that directory, which Stitch will pick up and import on a regular interval. Stitch then writes files to the directory containing inventory and shipping information which your sales channel picks up.

Channel Connect channels are configured like any other sales channel in Stitch. You apply routing rules, set up default warehouses, and toggle Master of Stock.

You use Channel Connect for any number of sales channels. Files are written in the CSV (comma-separated values) format and can be automatically written by your sales channel or manually uploaded to the SFTP server. The sales channel needs to know how to read and write files in a format that Stitch recognizes, described in this document

Setup Instructions

To use Channel Connect, you'll need an SFTP server. Ask your sales channel if they provide one or get one from a third-party provider. For more information, see Channel Connect - Integration Setup.