Receive Transfer Orders

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2018 10:21AM PST
Receiving against a transfer order shipment moves units into the receiving warehouse.

Note: This article applies only to our latest version, Stitch X.

Receive shipment

To receive against an entire shipment, click Receive Shipment from either the Transfer Order Detail or Transfer Order Shipment pages:

To receive against specific line items, go to the Transfer Order Shipment page, select line items, and click Receive Selected:

Tip: Use search and filters to quickly find the right line items.

Confirm receipt

Once an item is received, it can't be unreceived, so be sure your count is correct.

To receive in full, click Fill All:

To receive against individual line items, key in the quantity received or click the  icon to receive that line item in full.

Note: To prevent stock inflation, you can’t receive more than the unreceived quantity. If the shipment in Stitch doesn’t reflect what physically shipped, work with your team to make a separate inventory adjustment or cancel the shipment and re-ship the correct units.

Click Receive. This action moves stock from the Transfer quantity to the receiving warehouse. It also reduces the Inbound quantity by the number of units received.

View receipt

To view receipts in detail, scroll to the bottom of the Transfer Order Shipment page and click the  icon:

View up to 15 line items per page on each receipt

Next steps

If you won't receive any additional items from this transfer order, close the transfer order.

To review how stock flows through a transfer order, click through the slides below: