Overflow Fulfillment Warehouses

Last Updated: May 13, 2019 10:21AM PDT
When pushing available stock from multiple warehouses, you may get orders that can't be fulfilled from your default fulfillment warehouse. Set overflow warehouses to automatically search for a warehouse that can fulfill the entire order.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

Add Overflow Warehouse(s)

Add overflow warehouses via Channel Settings > Warehouse Settings > Overflow Fulfillment Warehouse:

Add as many overflow warehouses as you like, but only add warehouses that are prepared to fulfill orders.

Overflow Routing

When the default warehouse lacks available stock to fulfill a sales order, Stitch will search sequentially through the overflow list for a warehouse that has available stock to fulfill the entire order.

If Stitch finds a warehouse that can fulfill the entire order, it assigns the order to that warehouse.

If no warehouse can fulfill the entire order, Stitch assigns it to the channel's default fulfillment warehouse.

Note: Overflow routing applies only to online orders (POS order routing not available, except for shipping Shopify POS orders).