Add Products CSV

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019 11:12AM PDT
Use the Add Products CSV to add products in bulk via spreadsheet. Use this CSV for adding new products only. To add variants to existing products, see Add Variants.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

This CSV uploads a maximum of 80 variants. Break up larger uploads into multiple files.

Download Template

To download the template, go to the Products page and click Actions > Add Products CSV:

Add Products to CSV

Add each variant as a separate row, using Product Name, Attribute, and Option to organize variants within a parent product.
Column Header Description
Product Name This is the only required field; keep it consistent for each variant within a product.

If you have multiple products with the same name, include at least one differentiating attribute and option for each.
Product Description This description is specific to each product—not each variant.
Product Tags Separate multiple tags with commas; see Tags for how and why you should use them.
Variant SKU Give each variant/row a unique SKU.
Attribute (leave blank for single-variant products) For multi-variant products, add up to three attributes (e.g., Size, Color, Material).

Each product may have different attributes, but all variants within a single product need the same attributes.
Option (leave blank for single-variant products) For multi-variant products, each variant needs at least one attribute and a unique option.

For example, a shirt sold in three sizes could have the attribute Size and options Small, Medium, and Large.
Inventory Levels, Costs, and Prices Add your initial stock quantities as well as any baseline unit cost/pricing. Make sure these cells only have numbers, no symbols like $. 

If you have multiple warehouses in Stitch, the Inventory Qty field deposits to the default warehouse.

Example CSV

In this example CSV, you'll see a product that comes in three colors, three materials, and three sizes—for a total of 27 variants. Because Product Description and Tags are at the product level, you only need to enter that info on the first variant row.

Import CSV

Import your CSV via Actions > Add Products CSV:
Add your file and click Continue. You'll then preview your upload:

Alert: If you receive a failure message, check to see whether any products imported before uploading again.

Review Imported Products

After importing the CSV, filter the Products page by the Last Modified column to view the newly added products. Click into a few products to confirm that they imported with the desired structure.