Fix Unlinked Listings/Orders

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2019 09:30AM PDT
Unlinked listings and orders prevent you from accurately managing inventory and orders in Stitch. No link, no sync! When you see an unlinked listing, take action immediately.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

Video Walkthrough

Unlinked Listings

An unlinked listing is a product on your channel that isn't linked to corresponding Stitch inventory. Stitch won't push stock to an unlinked listing.

To fix unlinked listings in bulk, click the Listings alert on the on the Channels page:

You'll then see a list of all unlinked listings for that channel. Select all unlinked listings and click Fix Unlinked:
The next screen guides you through each unlinked listing:
To fix an unlinked listing, take one of three actions:


Link to existing variant If this item already exists in Stitch inventory, link to it.

If Stitch finds a variant with a matching SKU, it will suggest a link. If it finds more than one matching SKU, it will suggest the oldest match it finds.
Create new Stitch variant If there is no corresponding variant yet in Stitch, choose this option. On the next sync with your channel, Stitch will import this listing as a new variant. 
Archive listing If the listing was made in error and will never have sales history, archive it without linking to a Stitch variant.
Each listing you take action on reduces the remaining count:

To create new variants for all remaining listings, click Create New Variants. On the next sync with your channel, Stitch will import each remaining channel listing as a new variant.

Stitch automatically saves your work as you go. When you're done, click Exit:

Unlinked Orders

Unlinked orders contain at least one unlinked listing. Because the listing is unlinked, Stitch doesn't know what's on order. Stitch won't adjust stock and won't pass the order to fulfillment until you link the listing.

When you fix unlinked listings, Stitch automatically fixes any related unlinked orders.

Address Root Cause

Unlinked listings are often a sign of a larger issue:
  • Your channel may not be properly set to Auto Import or Auto Link.
  • Your team may not be consistently using SKUs.
  • Your team may be deleting variants (generally discouraged) without relinking listings to correct variants.
To fix the underlying issue, contact Support to identify and address the root cause.