Low-Stock Threshold

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2019 02:17PM PDT
Use low-stock thresholds to streamline replenishment, automate transfers between warehouses, or trigger other time-sensitive business processes.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic versions.

Threshold Basics

Low-stock thresholds are tied to a variant's available quantity.

When the available quantity drops below the threshold you set, Stitch flags this variant in low-stock filters and can send a daily notification email, enabled via Settings > Users > Notification Settings:

Use Cases


Combine low-stock thresholds with supplier/variant associations to auto-fill a purchase order with all low-stock variants supplier by that vendor:

Warehouse Transfers

Auto-fill a transfer order with items available in the shipping warehouse but low in the receiving warehouse:

Backorder Management

Set negative low-stock thresholds to trigger backorder production runs.

Set Low-Stock Threshold

Set thresholds by variant—at the account and/or warehouse level—via any of the following methods:

From Variant Detail Page

Set from any Variant Detail page by using Quick Reconcile:

From Variants Page

On the Variants page, this field is labeled Low Stock Alert. Set by clicking into a cell, entering a value, and hitting Return/Enter:


On the Inventory CSV, this field is labeled Low Stock Alert. Export the file, set values in bulk, and import your changes into Stitch!

Tip: To avoid accidental stock changes, remove any rows that you aren't editing and clear Stock values that you aren't editing (leave columns intact). For the Stock column only, Stitch imports blank values as "no change."