Edit Variants

Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017 09:19AM PDT
There are several ways to edit variant details, each with its own advantages and limitations.

Note: Stock and price are the only values that Stitch syncs to sales channels. See related articles for info on Updating Stock, Editing Products, and Adding Variants.

Edit Variants Individually

To edit a single variant, click Edit > Edit Variant from any Variant Detail page:

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Use this method to add, edit, and remove almost any variant detail. This is the only method to modify attributes, options, thumbnail images, and custom notes/descriptions.

Custom ID CSV

Use the Custom ID CSV to add/edit unique variant identifiers (SKU, UPC, EAN, etc.) in bulk.

Note: This CSV is exclusively for adding and editing custom IDs. To delete an entire Custom ID type, see our Manage Custom Fields article.

Inventory CSV

The Inventory CSV is ideal for adding/editing warehouse details (SKU, Stock, Low-Stock Alert, Average Unit Cost, Location, Bundled Components) and pricing in bulk.

Note: Because this CSV can overwrite so many important fields (especially stock), use it as a last resort and always save a clean export as backup.