Implementation Review

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2017 10:30PM PST
Once you're up and running with Stitch, take a moment to review your setup and prep for the call(s) with your customer success manager.

Review Setup

Review Action Why
Integrate your sales channel(s) Integrating your sales channel(s) makes everything else possible.
Link all channel listings Unlinked listings lead to inaccurate stock counts, overselling, and delayed fulfillment. Link each listings to corresponding Stitch inventory!
Add average unit cost Reporting on profit, COGS, and inventory value requires average unit cost for each variant in Stitch.
Enable Master of Stock Once you've reviewed your stock counts in Stitch, use Master of Stock to sync availability and reduce overselling.
Push order updates to channel(s) Enable Push Order Updates (via Integrations > Channel Settings) to pass shipping/tracking info back to your integrated sales channels.

Master the Basics

To Do Action Why
View Webinars Mastering the basics via webinar frees up your Success call(s) for questions specific to your business.
Explore purchase orders in Stitch Make purchases with full visibility into inventory and sales orders; reduce PO cycle times
Explore reports in Stitch Uncover actionable, cross-channel insights into your business

Prep for Success Call(s)

You'll receive one to three onboarding calls depending on your plan level. To get the most out of this time, master the basics via webinars and self-service.
To Discuss Topic Why
Account Audit Review account settings via the checklist above.
Business Goals Discuss your primary business goals for Stitch, which we'll match to Stitch functionality and workflows.

Tip: To learn more about onboarding at your plan level, see Onboarding Services.