Streamline Order Management

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2017 03:12PM PDT
Once you’ve integrated your channels and linked your inventory, start managing orders from Stitch: track order progress, send branded invoices to customers and accounting, and reduce fulfillment costs through advanced routing logic.

Manage Orders

The Orders page is your unified order dashboard:

Tip: Customize the columns shown on your Orders page by clicking the Gear icon in the top-right of the table.

Create and Edit Orders

Create orders in Stitch to manage wholesale selling, consignment selling, promo orders, and orders from unsupported sales channels.

Need to update an existing customer order? Edit the order to update shipping address or swap line items—even for orders from retail ecommerce.

Note: Edits to order details won't sync from Stitch to your channel or vice-versa. If you need to collect or refund payment, do that on your channel.

Fulfill Orders

When you integrate Stitch with your shipping solution, you can use advanced order routing to fulfill based on shipping address or stock availability.

Stitch integrates with ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Fulfillment by Amazon, and over a dozen 3PLs.

If you fulfill via dropshippers, explore our Dropshipping feature.

Note: If routing sales channel fulfillment through Stitch, enable Push Order Updates to send shipment status back to your channel.

Close Orders

If your order is fully paid, packed, and shipped, make sure it’s closed in Stitch. Closing an order decreases the Stock and Committed quantities for items on order.

Not closing orders makes your on-hand stock levels look higher than they are. For more detail, see Closing Orders in Stitch.

Tip: Regularly check the Ready to Be Closed filter on your Orders page to ensure that orders are closing as expected.

Process Returns

No one likes returns, but they’re part of doing business. Use the Returns feature to note when items are refunded and/or added back to stock.

Tip: If you sell through Shopify or Magento, be sure to enable Return Sync.

Next Steps

To Do Action Why
Integrate ShipStation, ShippingEasy, or your 3PL Streamline fulfillment by routing all requests through Stitch.
Bulk close ready-to-be-closed orders Ready-to-be-closed orders distort your on-hand stock counts in Stitch (learn more).
Confirm that Stitch is set to Auto-Close orders from each integrated sales channel. Automatically closing orders reduces manual work in Stitch.
Enable Push Order Updates for each integrated sales channel If routing fulfillment through Stitch, Stitch will need to update your sales channel when orders ship.
Enable returns sync if selling through Shopify or Magento Automatically capture returns and refunds made through your channels.
Enable invoice sync to Quickbooks Online, Xero, or inDinero Automatically pass invoices to your accounting solution