Centralize Your Inventory

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2017 04:35PM PDT
Once you’ve integrated your sales channels, start managing inventory in Stitch. You can track and update stock with Stitch and have it automatically push the right quantities out to your channels.

Link Channel Inventory to Stitch Inventory

To manage inventory from Stitch, link all channel inventory to corresponding Stitch inventory:

In Stitch, the items you sell on your channel are called channel listings. There are three ways to map channel listings to Stitch inventory:
Auto Import Automatically import a channel's products as new products in your Stitch inventory. Learn more ›
Auto Link Automatically connect a channel's products to existing Stitch products based on unique SKUs. Learn more ›
Manually Link Link channel listings to Stitch inventory. Learn more ›

Track Stock in Stitch

Once your channel inventory is linked to Stitch inventory, you’re ready to track stock in Stitch. Stitch has four measures to track the flow of stock from purchase order and receipt to sale and shipment:

For details and an example of how stock flows through Stitch, see How Does Stitch Manage Stock Quantities?

Update Stock in Stitch

There are six ways to update the Stock quantity in Stitch, each designed for a specific type of real-world workflow. For an overview of when to use each method, see Update Stock.

Tip: Create purchase orders whenever you replenish stock. See our Purchase Orders Overview for a full list of purchasing capabilities.

Push Stock to Your Channel(s)

Once you've confirmed your stock counts in Stitch, enable Master of Stock to push available quantities back to your sales channel(s).

Next Steps

To Do Action Why
Add average unit cost via the Inventory CSV To report on profit, COGS, or inventory value, enter average unit cost values for each variant in Stitch.
Set low-stock alerts via the Inventory CSV Receive email alerts when items are running low, reminding you to reorder, perform a stock take, or both.
Configure bundles in Stitch If you sell grouped items, convert them into simple products on your channel and into bundles in Stitch.
Start managing sales orders in Stitch Streamline order management by routing fulfillment through Stitch.