Magento - Returns Sync

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2017 03:19AM PDT
With Stitch's Returns Sync feature, your returns processed in Magento will automatically sync to your orders in Stitch.

Note: Returns sync with Magento is one-way only, from Magento to Stitch.

Enabling Returns Sync

To sync returns from Magento, ensure that you're running version 1.0.12 or higher of Stitch's Magento extension.

From the Channels page in Stitch, go to your Magento channel settings and toggle Return/Refund Sync to On:

You can also set the Default Return Warehouse, or the warehouse that your returned stock will be added to in Stitch when the return is processed. 

Note: When using the Multi-Warehousing feature, you must set a return warehouse in Stitch. Returns will populate but won't restock inventory unless you select a warehouse.

Syncing a Return

When you create the return in Magento, to add the stock back to your Stitch inventory, make sure to check Return to Stock:

On the next sync, Stitch will bring in the return information and create a corresponding return in Stitch and generate a return on the Returns tab of the order. 

This return will include the amount of money refunded, the stock returned to Stitch, and the warehouse the stock was returned to:

Stitch will also add a refund to the Payments tab of the order. This will include the refund amount as well as a return timestamp from Magento: 

Both the return and refund will populate on the corresponding Refund and Returns Reports, under Order Reports in Stitch.