Integrate Your Channels

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2017 07:20PM PDT
Once you've identified the people and goals driving implementation, you're ready to integrate your sales channels. You can integrate most channels in just a few clicks, but knowing how to integrate each one is essential for a smooth setup.

Note: Stitch won’t make any changes to your channels during the initial integration.

Pre-Integration Checklist

Customers who prep their channels and inventory for integration implement in less than half the time and cost of those who don't.
To Do Action Why
Ensure Consistent and Unique SKUs Stitch requires SKUs for eBay and BigCommerce. For all other channels, we strongly recommend them.

Each unique variation you sell should have a unique SKU applied consistently anywhere you sell that item. For more on SKUs and why to use them, see Use SKUs.
Clean Up Your Channel Data When you auto import from a sales channel, Stitch makes a one-time import of each variant.

Save time and money by updating product titles, images, and descriptions before integrating.
Enable Multi-warehousing If you plan to track stock across multiple locations, enable multi-warehousing before integrating.

Integrate Your Primary Channel First

Your primary channel is where you list most of your products. Integrate this as your auto import channel and Stitch will automatically import that channel's products into Stitch inventory.

Stitch imports several product fields from each channel but may not import every field you use. To review the fields Stitch imports, see your channel’s inventory management article.

Tip: Review compatibility and setup instructions for each channel via the Integrations section of the Help Center.

Integrate Secondary Sales Channels

When you integrate secondary channels, your most important decision is whether to auto import or auto link.

If your secondary channel sells products that already imported from your primary sales channel, set the secondary channel to auto link.

If this channel has a completely separate product catalog, you can safely auto import from a second channel.

Next Steps

Once you've integrated your sales channels, start managing inventory in Stitch.