NuORDER - Overview

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2016 09:37PM PDT
NuORDER is a B2B eCommerce platform offering seamless two-way ordering for brands and retailers.

When integrated with Stitch, NuORDER functions as your specialized wholesale selling tool while Stitch functions as the control center for your entire commerce operation.

Integration Setup

Integrating Stitch and NuORDER is individually tailored to your business and takes about eight weeks from project kickoff to completion.

These tailored integrations carry a one-time implementation fee in addition to NuORDER's monthly subscription fee. Email NuORDER for more details.

Integration Overview

NuORDER built a two-way integration—with data mapping as follows:
Products - Stitch → NuORDER 
Customers - Stitch → NuORDER 
Inventory - Stitch → NuORDER 
Orders - NuORDER → Stitch 

More Info

NuORDER built and maintains this integration; please consult their Integration Overview page for the most detailed and up-to-date information.