Stocktakes Overview

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018 09:45AM PDT
Stocktaking is the physical verification of on-hand stock. Use stocktakes to plan, perform, and approve walkthrough counts of your inventory—with a barcode scanner (recommended) or by hand.

Note: This feature is best for small, routine counts. For wall-to-wall stocktakes, use the Inventory CSV.

Video Walkthrough

Create Stocktake

Create stocktakes in advance (using reference number and notes to coordinate with coworkers) or create and count all in one go.

Count Stock

Perform counts by hand or with an HID-compliant barcode scanner.

Note: Time counts so that you can approve them before stock levels change. Approving outdated counts can distort your inventory.

Reconcile/Approve Count

Once a count is complete, review any discrepancies and approve the count.