ShipStation - Sales Order Fulfillment

Last Updated: May 13, 2019 10:27AM PDT
Stitch flags sales orders for import into ShipStation; ShipStation sends shipment info back to Stitch. Stitch can then push this info back to an integrated sales channel, where supported.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

Note: ShipStation can't send orders from a non-integrated sales channel to Stitch.\

How Stitch Syncs with ShipStation

This video applies only to Stitch Classic. Order splitting is handled natively in our current version, Stitch X.

Stitch to ShipStation

ShipStation initiates all information transfers with Stitch. While ShipStation offers an auto-update option, manual updates ensure that all current orders are pulled from Stitch into ShipStation.


To sync with ShipStation, an order must have a shipping address and at least one shippable line item.

For orders from an integrated sales channel, ensure that Send orders to ShipStation is enabled for that channel (Integrations > Channels > Channel Settings > ShipStation Settings).
ShipStation Settings

Status Mapping

By default, Stitch maps to ShipStation order statuses as follows:
  • Pending → Awaiting Payment
  • Paid → Awaiting Shipment
  • Shipped → Shipped
  • Void or Delete → Canceled

To change these, go to ShipStation Settings > Import Orders > Selling Channels > Edit Store > Your Order Statuses.

For example, to send pending orders to your Awaiting Shipment queue, move the "pending" status as illustrated below:

Order Details

ShipStation pulls in the following order details from Stitch:
  • Order ID or Reference Number, Order Date
  • Channel (Store), Warehouse
  • Subtotal, Shipping Charge, Tax, Total
  • Payment Total, Payment Date
  • Additional Notes (Notes from Buyer)

Note: Order tags and discounts don't map from Stitch to ShipStation.

Line Item Details

ShipStation imports the following line item details from Stitch:
  • Description, Custom Description
  • Weight, Image, Location (imports as Warehouse Location)
  • SKU or Variant ID, Attributes & Options, Quantity Ordered

Note: Custom IDs don't map from Stitch to ShipStation.

Bundle Details

Stitch can either send bundled items to ShipStation as a single SKU or split bundles into component SKUs.

Note: By default, Stitch will send bundles to ShipStation as a single SKU.

Contact Details

For the billing address, ShipStation pulls in the following details:
  • Billing Contact Name (Attn), Phone, Email, and Contact ID.
For the shipping address, ShipStation pulls in the following details:
  • Shipping Contact Name (Attn), Shipping Address, and Phone.

Note: If the ATTN field is blank in Stitch, we'll send the top-level contact name in its place.

Order Updates

ShipStation imports status updates as well as order detail updates (e.g., line item changes, contact changes, order totals).

Order detail updates made in ShipStation don't update the order in Stitch. Shipment updates are the only info that passes from ShipStation to Stitch.

ShipStation to Stitch

When an order is marked as shipped in ShipStation, the update in Stitch is automatic and near-instant.


To send shipment info back to Stitch, be sure to check Notify Marketplace when marking shipment on ShipStation:

Shipment Details

ShipStation sends the following back to Stitch:
  • Ship Date, Carrier, Cost, Tracking Number, Tracking URL, Notes


If you split an order in ShipStation, shipping one of the split orders will create a partial packing slip and shipment in Stitch.

When the split orders have all been shipped, the original Stitch order will be updated as fully packed and shipped.


Orders that are combined in ShipStation will update both orders in Stitch as shipped (with tracking info, where provided).

Shipment Notifications

With Stitch's ShipStation integration, there are several ways to automate shipment notification emails.

In ShipStation, you can notify customers by checking Notify Customer when processing shipment:

If you've enabled Shopify to notify your customers of shipment, you'll need to allow Stitch to trigger the Shopify email (Integrations > Channels > Channel Settings > Order Settings > Push Order Updates to Channel):
Push Order Updates to Channel
If you send automated shipment notifications from a sales channel other than Shopify—and Stitch passes shipment info back to that channel—no additional action is needed for that info to pass from ShipStation through Stitch and out to your integrated sales channel.