Amazon - Order Management

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2017 03:02PM PDT
Stitch automatically imports new Amazon orders on each sync. From Stitch, you can route web orders to integrated shipping solutions and push order status updates back to Amazon.

Order Status Updates

Orders fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) import into Stitch as closed. For merchant-fulfilled orders, Stitch receives the following order status updates:
Amazon Status Corresponding Update in Stitch
Pending Updates as Billed in Stitch
Unshipped Updates as Paid in Stitch
Shipped Updates shipment in Stitch
Stitch receives tracking info for FBA orders only
Canceled Voids order, if open. If Stitch order is closed, there's no effect.

Note: Orders marked as pending in Seller Central will import into Stitch without pricing or contact info. Once the order updates in Seller Central, it will update in Stitch on the next sync.

If you've enabled Push Order Updates, Stitch sends the following updates to Amazon:
Order Update in Stitch Corresponding Update on Amazon
Shipped Fulfilled (w/ tracking)
Void No update to the order in Amazon

Note: Stitch can’t update Merchant-Fulfilled Prime orders. If you sell via this method, connect your shipping solution directly to Amazon.

Order Settings

Adjust your Amazon order settings to control how order information flows to and from this Amazon.

Tip: Enable Push Order Updates to push supported order updates back to Amazon. Enable Auto-Close to automatically close orders once paid and shipped.

Order Details

Stitch imports new orders on each sync, pulling in line items, customer info, and order financials. Subsequent changes to order details (post-sync) won't import into Stitch.

Customer Info

Stitch imports customer info for each sale. Contact updates made in Amazon after receipt of the order in Stitch will not transfer to Stitch.

Customer email addresses import into Stitch, but are masked/encrypted by Amazon for customer privacy.