WooCommerce - Overview

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2017 02:51PM PDT
Connect WooCommerce to Stitch and manage all your inventory and orders from one place.

Note: Stitch currently supports WooCommerce v2.2 and newer.

Sync Summary

Stitch syncs the following information with WooCommerce every ten minutes:

Note: For more on how Stitch communicates with WooCommerce, see other articles in the WooCommerce topic.

User Workflows

Once you integrate WooCommerce, make operational updates from Stitch:

Manage stock from Stitch

Enable Master of Stock to push available stock from Stitch to WooCommerce.

Manage orders from Stitch

Stitch automatically imports all new WooCommerce orders. 

Push order fulfillment updates from Stitch

Push fulfillment updates from Stitch (recommended) or import fulfillment updates from WooCommerce.

Create new products on WooCommerce

Create new products on WooCommerce (importing via Auto Import or linking to existing inventory via Auto Link).

Edit products separately on each platform

Updates to product details (name, image, etc.) don't sync between platforms.


Can I push stock updates from WooCommerce to Stitch?

You can push stock updates from Stitch to WooCommerce, but not the other way around.

If I update my products in WooCommerce, will that update my products in Stitch?

No. Updates to product details don't sync between Stitch and WooCommerce.

Which product fields import from WooCommerce?

To see what Stitch imports from WooCommerce, see Building Stitch Inventory from WooCommerce.

Does Stitch publish listings to WooCommerce?

No, Stitch does not publish listings to WooCommerce.

Does Stitch have any known incompatibilities with WooCommerce?

Stitch does not support Grouped Products or External/Affiliate products.