Master of Stock

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2019 02:49PM PDT
Use the Master of Stock setting to control whether Stitch pushes stock to your sales channel(s). Enable it for an entire channel or fine-tune it for individual channel listings.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

How it works

When Stitch is Master of Stock, Stitch automatically update your channel(s) on each sync:

With Master of Stock set at the channel level, Stitch pushes the available quantity. At the listing level, you have additional options that vary by channel (see below).

Tip: With the exception of FBA or 3PL listings, there’s no option to push stock from a channel to Stitch.

Set at the channel level

To make Stitch Master of Stock for an entire channel, go to Integrations > Channels > Channel Settings. Find the Master of Stock dropdown within Product & Inventory Settings: Master of Stock

Alert: Changing this setting resets Master of Stock for all current channel listings and sets the default for new listings from this channel.


Due to their Locations functionality, there are some extra settings involved in Shopify's channel level Master of Stock settings.

Set at the variant level

To control Master of Stock settings for any listing linked to a specific variant from that variant's details page, scroll to the bottom to see linked channel listings, and click on the listing's value in the Master of Stock column: mos-variant-level

Set at the listing level

To make Stitch Master of Stock for individual listings, go to Integrations > Listings.

To edit link settings, select one or more linked listings from a single sales channel, then click Edit Link Settings:

Link setting color coding

Use these color codes to review link settings at a glance:
Unlinked Listing
This listing hasn't been matched to Stitch inventory.
Unlinked Listing

Alert: Unlinked listings put your operations at risk; link all listings to Stitch inventory.

Linked Listing - Nothing is Master
Stock managed independently on each platform.
Nothing is Master
Linked Listing - Stitch is Master
Stitch is Master of Stock
Linked Listing - Stitch is Master
Limit channel quantity to a maximum value that you set
Limit Channel Quantity

Linked Listing - Stitch is Master
Keep channel stock at 1 regardless of available stock in Stitch
Keep channel stock at 1

Available only for eBay and Etsy

Linked Listing - Channel is Master
FBA/3PL pushes quantity to Stitch
Channel is Master of Stock