Quick Start Guide

Last Updated: Nov 24, 2016 01:53PM PST
Welcome to Stitch! We're excited to help you scale your business through better operations. 

How Stitch Works

Think of Stitch as your operational command center:

With Stitch at the heart of your operations, you can manage inventory, sales orders, purchases, and reports all from one place.

Pre-Implementation Checklist

Follow these steps for a faster, more successful implementation:
To Do Action Description
Identify Your Goals What do you want to accomplish with Stitch? Rank your goals and discuss them with a Stitch product consultant.
Invest Time and People Appoint an internal champion who knows your operations and is comfortable managing and deploying software.
Implement in Phases Work with your team at Stitch to implement in stages tailored to your specific goals.

How to Implement Stitch

Most businesses can implement Stitch in just a few weeks. We recommend the following approach:
To Do Action Description
Integrate Your Channels Connect each sales to Stitch, starting with your primary sales channel.
Centralize Your Inventory Build a unified view of inventory in Stitch, then start pushing stock from Stitch to your channels.
Streamline Order Management Manage retail and wholesale orders from one place, pushing orders to your shipping solution and sending shipping details back to your channels.
Review Implementation Once you're up and running, review your setup and prep for the call(s) with your onboarding specialist.