Publish Listings to Channel

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2019 09:25AM PDT
You can publish Stitch products to Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Square. With this feature, you can manage early product lifecycle in Stitch and push products to channels when you're ready to merchandise.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

Select Products for Publishing

You can publish a variant to a channel as long as it isn't already linked to a listing on that channel.

To publish in bulk from the Products page, check off any product you want to publish, then click Publish Listings.

To publish any variant not already linked to a channel, click Publish Listings without selecting any products.

To publish a single product, click Publish Listings from any Product Detail page:

Note: The following instructions apply to Shopify, Square, and Amazon. To publish to eBay, see the eBay Publishing article.

Select Channel and Pricing Tier

On the next screen, select the channel you'd like to publish to:
If you select a pricing tier (optional), Stitch will pre-fill price values based on that tier. You'll still be able to change individual values before publishing.

Add Listing Details

The publishing page loads up to 200 variants at a time. Although specific fields vary by channel, the general layout is as follows:

For info on channel-specific publishing fields, see the following articles: There are four general sections to note:

Variant Rows

Each publishable variant has its own row:

Rows shaded green are ready to publish (be sure to check the box on the left)
Rows shaded yellow are missing recommended fields.
Rows shaded red are missing required fields.

Listing Details

Click the + icon next to each variant to view additional details specific to each channel:


Switches the publishing tool to a different channel. This will reload your products and all edits you've made will be lost.

Ready to Push
Show any variants that are ready to be published.

Missing Recommended
Shows variants missing recommended fields (e.g., SKU).

Missing Required
Shows variants missing required fields (e.g., price).

Bulk Editing

Bulk editing allows you to bulk-add certain fields to all unpublished variants. The fields in this editing pane are specific to each channel.

Publish Button

Check the box for any variant that is ready to publish, then click Publish selected to channel.
When Publish selected to channel is clicked, you should receive a green Variants Queued to Publish notification. Your variants will begin publishing to your integrated sales channel on the next sync.

Note: Once a variant is published from Stitch to an integrated sales channel, the only product detail changes that will push from Stitch are stock and price (where supported).

Re-publish Variants

To re-publish a variant, unlink it from the corresponding channel listing via Integrations > Channel Listings. If the listing is no longer active on your channel, be sure to archive it, as well.

Once the variant is no longer linked to a corresponding channel listing, you can re-publish it to that channel.

Note: Deleting an item on your channel and unlinking/archiving the corresponding channel listing in Stitch must be performed separately; these actions don’t sync across platforms.