User Permissions

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2019 01:07PM PDT
User types and permissions define what each user can do and see in Stitch.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

User Types

There are three user types:
Account Owner Each account has only one owner. This user can access everything in their account and is the only one who can access the Account and Billing page. To change the account owner, please contact Support.
Admin Users Admins can access everything except the Account and Billing page. Like account owners, admins can create new users.
Basic Users Basic users can't access the IntegrationsAccount Settings, or Account and Billing pages. They also can't receive Low-Stock Alert emails. They have full access to everything else by default, but an owner or admin can limit their access via permissions.

Adding Users

When logged in as an admin or owner, go to Account Menu > Users: From the Users page, click + User. When entering new user details, you'll specify user type as administrator (default) or basic.

Tip: When you create a new user, we'll send them an email with a temporary username and password. If you invite a new user and set them up on the same computer, log out of your account before clicking through the email invite.

User Permissions

Permissions determine what a basic user can do (read/write) and access in Stitch. There are four permission settings:

Read & Write Permissions

Read User can view but not create/edit
Read & Write User can view, edit, and create
None User can't view, edit, or create

Note: Permissions on some areas impact use of other areas. For example, to create an order in Stitch, you must have write permissions for orders and read permissions for both inventory and contacts.

Access Type

Full Access User sees everything within that area, subject to read permissions
Limited Access User sees only records that they create or that an admin shares with them.


Use Visibility to hide entire tabs (e.g., Dashboard, Reports) from a user's navigation menu.

Note: Visibility permissions aren't available when first creating a new user. Set these from the Edit User page.


Disable this to hide all data related to inventory cost and aggregate revenue, as well as the Dashboard and Reporting tab.

Note: Disabling Financials prevents users from exporting the Inventory CSV, Supplier Association CSV, Add Product CSV and Purchase Order PDF/CSV. It also prevents users from cresting or editing purchase orders.

Granting Access to Limited-Access Users

Owners and admins can grant access to specific products, orders, contacts, and purchase orders—either individually or in bulk. 

To grant access to a particular record, click into the record you want to share and click Permissions (for orders, click More Actions > Permissions):

To grant access in bulk, check the box next to the items you want the user to access, then click Bulk Actions > Edit Permissions: