Square - Order Management

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2017 03:22AM PDT
This article explains how order information is synced between Stitch and Square. To learn how orders are managed in Stitch, check out our Orders articles.

Order Status Updates

Orders from Square import into Stitch as billed and paid, regardless of their order status on Square. Canceling and/or refunding orders on Square won't update the order in Stitch.

If you've enabled Push Order Info (Integrations > Channels > Channel Settings), Stitch sends the following order status updates back to Square Market:
Order Update in Stitch Corresponding Update on Square
Shipped Completed (w/ tracking)
Refund/Closed/Void No update to the order in Square
You can set Stitch to automatically close orders from Square POS (upon import) and Square Market (when paid and shipped).

When this option is enabled, orders will automatically close, reducing total and committed stock in Stitch.

Order Details

Stitch imports new orders on each sync, pulling in line items, order financials, and customer info (Square Market only). Subsequent changes to order details (post-sync) won't import into Stitch.

Customer Info

Due to privacy policies and governing regulations, Square doesn’t provide access (neither in-app nor via API) to cardholder information that is collected only for receipt purposes.

Square POS orders are assigned a generic contact in Stitch. The default name for this contact is "The Unknown Customer from Square." This name can be changed (e.g., Walk-In Customer), but there's no way to assign unique contacts to Square POS orders.

Square Market orders import with unique customer info. Contact updates made in Square after receipt of the order in Stitch will not transfer to Stitch.


Custom amounts from POS orders come in as custom line items.

Invoiced sales from Square POS don't import into Stitch until paid by the customer.