Release Notes

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2017 10:01PM PDT
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Improved - Clicking from one record to the next (products, contacts, etc.) should now be a bit snappier thanks to changes in how those pages load.

Fixed - On table views, you can once again hide unnecessary columns by clicking the ⚙️ icon:
Fixed - Squashed a bug that was opening the notification center behind certain pages, which, while stealthy, was not helpful.


Sales Velocity - Stitch no longer excludes stockout dates from its sales velocity calculations. In other words, Stitch now calculates velocity based only on the time interval you set, whether you have stock during this period or not. We also fixed a few bugs that caused sales velocity to calculate incorrectly in some scenarios.

Fixed - Auto Packing Slips was over-allocating units to certain types of orders, which reduced the units available for allocation, which made our customers and our customer's customers sad, which made this writer contemplate the interconnectedness of things. Luckily, this is now fixed. If you're looking for a better way to handle preorders and backorders, ask a Stitcher for more info.


New Feature Webinar - Explore what you can do with our new sales and purchasing reports:

New Navigation Icons - Several of you told us that navigation icons were confusing, so we surveyed users on alternatives and updated Stitch with the winning choices. Survey respondents: thanks for helping us improve Stitch!

Improved - The notification center used to have a tab for notifications and a tab for announcements. Now it's all in one feed. Fewer clicks!


Automated Quality Control Checks - We've added new protections that help prevent new bugs when fixing old ones or releasing new features. This doesn't mean no bugs ever again, but it's a big investment in product quality that should pay off for everyone.

Improved - You can now edit Return Reason on returns imported from Shopify or Magento. This helps you standardize your return data and reduce returns over time.

Improved - Need to resize columns on Transfer Orders and Stocktakes? Need resizing to save for your next visit? We've got you covered.

Improved - Stitch now pre-loads data so that when you sign in, Stitch feels snappier. We know Stitch still runs slower than many of you would like—we're working on it!


Public Site Status - View and subscribe to our public status page. Updates are manual (for now) but we plan to automate and expand these updates over time.

New PO Drill-Down Reports - View and download two new reports: PO Product Option Drill-down and PO Product Drill-down. Use them to analyze purchases by cost, units, product, attribute (e.g., size, color), and option (e.g., small, medium, large). Access both reports via the Product Reports section.

Fixed - You can now publish variants from Stitch even when Stitch can't find that variant's related images.

Fixed - The Xero add-on would always show a connection error, even when there wasn't one. This was the worst. Now we'll only show an error when there is one.


New Reports for Full-Access Basic Users - Reports previously accessible only to account admins are now accessible to basic users as long as they have full read permissions for all records in Stitch (financials, orders, purchase orders, contacts, and products).

Tip: Check out Customer LoyaltyAwaiting Stock, and over a dozen other reports.

Improvifixed - The Orders page now loads faster, scrolls smoother, and focuses sharper on the info you need to process orders. More improvements to come! Stay tuned.

Fixed - You can once again add line items to orders without a billing/shipping address.

Fixed - Clicking away from the New Product page now clears the top menu options; Save and Cancel buttons no longer follow you around the app like pets impatiently awaiting dinner. Stay, buttons. Stay!


New Feature Webinar - Learn more about how your team can improve the control of your pre-orders and back-orders flowing through Stitch.


New Look and Feel - Now on for all accounts! Learn more ›

Improved - Removed the "shelving" effect on the navigation menu, which now loads the next page about a second faster.

Fixed - On the Reports page, you can once again type right into the date picker. Fewer clicks!

Fixed - PO dates once again stay in place (unless you edit them).


Improved - On Variant Detail pages, you can now click Quick Reconcile to set low-stock thresholds for third-party warehouses (3PL/FBA).

Fixed - You can once again sort the Variants page by SKU.

Fixed - CSVs were exporting in a format that made them difficult to import back into Stitch. No longer!

Fixed - When viewing reports, you can once again type in your desired date range. Keyboard enthusiasts: we've got your back.


Improved - When printing barcodes from a purchase order, you can now print for any line item—not just unreceived items.

Fixed - You can once again right-click and command-click the navigation windows. Power users, rejoice!

Fixed - While making a well-intentioned change elsewhere, we accidentally broke the Creator field that shows on manual orders in Stitch. Now it's back:

Fixed - New purchase orders now respect your default account currency settings.

Fixed - When you invite a new user to your account, we no longer invite them to a digital hellscape of endless spins. New-ish users: welcome! We'll make it up to you.


Improved - You can now view product category from the Products table and the Product Detail page:

Improved - You can once again Receive All on purchase orders. Thanks for your patience as we fixed some things under the hood!

Improved - Deleting line items from a purchase order now takes milliseconds rather than manyseconds.

Improvifixed - Improved and fixed several issues with the New Look and Feel. Thanks for helping us identify rough spots—keep the feedback coming.


New Feature Webinar - Explore how you and your team can work faster with product taxonomy and the new Stitch layout.


New Feature Webinar - Join us tomorrow at 10am PST for tips on working faster with product taxonomy and the new Stitch layout. Register now ›

Improved - You can now search and sort purchase orders by reference number.

Fixed - Safari and Firefox users can once again download/upload the Inventory CSV. For best results with Stitch, use Chrome.


Product Taxonomy - Organize your products into categories to drive deeper sales analysis, forecast future sales, and streamline search in Stitch. Learn more ›

New Look and Feel - This new design should help you get things done with fewer clicks, less scrolling, and easier access to your data. Give it a spin and share feedback before we retire the old layout on March 1. Learn more ›


Improved - CSV uploads now have clearer on-screen guidance, hopefully resulting in less confusion and fewer mistakes.

Fixed - You can once again automatically add PO line items (autofill) based on low-stock variants at a specific warehouse.


Improved - Search results on the Channel Listings page now have unique URLs, which you can use to point coworkers (and us) to specific channel listings.

Fixed - You can once again duplicate sales orders for the original customer on order:

Fixed - Enter and (mercifully) exit fullscreen mode on purchase orders and newer reports.

Fixed - Null stock values on Inventory CSV uploads no longer display as erroneous inventory adjustments on the Reconciliation report.


Fixed - You can again tag products in bulk via Products > Bulk Actions > Tag Products. To tag products via CSV, use the Product Update CSV.

Fixed - Receiving purchase orders once again correctly updates average unit cost.

Fixed - The Product Drill Down report is back in action. Use it to analyze sales performance by product and variant.

Fixed - When editing Master of Stock settings for a channel listing, clicking Save now completes the action and takes you back to the listings page.

Removed - Removed the Sellable option on variants, which did little but confuse people.


Fixed - You can once again search purchase orders by tags.

Fixed - Custom IDs now display on the Variants page.

Fixed -  When making updates via the Product Update CSV, variant descriptions will now auto-update accordingly.

Fixed - Purchase orders once again respect Variant ID Display Options (Settings > Order & PO Settings > Display Settings).

Fixed - After a brief hiatus on Safari and Firefox, the Advanced Product Finder is working again for purchase orders.

Tip: Stitch is optimized for Chrome. Use it if you can.

Fixed - Stocktakes should no longer get stuck in a "reconciling" status. Use them with confidence!


Improved - Import and export the Inventory CSV from a single screen.

Fixed - Sell the same item on multiple channels? You can once again search the Channel Listings page by Stitch variant, returning all listings linked to that variant.

Fixed - Need to edit a variant? Clicking the pencil icon on the Product Detail page gets the job done, once again:


Webinar: Preorder/Backorder Fulfillment - Learn how you can use auto-packing logic to automate fulfillment for backorders and preorders.


Improved - You can now view PO reference numbers from the Purchase Orders page now. To add the Reference No column, click the ⚙  icon in the top-right corner of the table.

Improved - Order Detail pages now load faster.

Fixed - You can again search the Products page by product tag and the Contacts page by contact tag.

Tip: You can also search the Variants page by product tag.


New Feature Webinar - If you missed the live webinar, we've got you covered. Sign up for next month's webinar here.


Improved - Master of Price can now push nine-digit price values (an Indonesian Rupiah just doesn't go as far as it used to).

Improved - Cleaned up the Channel Listings page: shorter explanations for settings and improved load times for filtered results.

Improved - Cleaned up the Reconcile Stock screen, making it much clearer what that screen is for: adding detail to stock reconciliations!

Fixed - When saving a ' to a product title, Stitch would add an extra ' for good measure. This was not helpful, and is now fixed.


Change Account Subdomain - Account owners can change their account subdomain ( by sending a request to Stitch Support. We'll change it as long as your requested name isn't already taken.

Improvifixed - Larger Inventory CSVs weren't exporting with all variants. Now they are—and downloading faster than ever.

Fixed - After a brief hiatus related to our database migration, Stitch once again pushes stock to eBay.


Improved - The Stitch fulfillment API can now send orders with bundles to an integrated 3PL.

Before creating a fulfillment order for the API, Stitch will check component availability in the 3PL warehouse. If components are available for fulfillment, Stitch will create a fulfillment order for the bundle.

Fixed - You can now use ' and " characters in product names without Stitch adding a / showing in front of the character.

Fixed - On purchase orders, the Units Ordered column now shows the actual number of units ordered.


Fixed - You can again update custom IDs like SKU and UPC via the Custom ID CSV.

Fixed - You can again set weight in bulk via the Inventory CSV.


New Feature Webinar - If you missed the live webinar, we've got you covered. Sign up for next month's webinar here.


In-App Help - Access help articles, chat, email, and phone all from one place—without leaving Stitch:


Sales Velocity - If you're on the current Business plan or above, you can now view sales velocity from the Variants page:
Business plans and above can also view sales velocity while creating and editing purchase orders:

Note: This is on by default for new accounts, moving forward. If you're on an existing Business plan or higher and would like to view these metrics, contact your customer success manager.

Improved - When viewing sales velocity figures on a purchase order, you'll now see those figures for a specific warehouse, if multi-warehousing is on.

Fixed - Clicking a PO line item now takes you to the corresponding Variant Detail page.

Fixed - When you close an order containing a bundle, Stitch now checks whether you have sufficient stock of bundled components (as well as stock for any other line items). If you lack sufficient stock to close the order, we'll show you a special error message.


Improved - The Bulk Add Products CSV now supports single quotes, double quotes, and other special characters.

Improved - Channel orders that pre-dated integration with Stitch would import if updated after integration. For Shopify and Magento, if a channel order pre-dates integration, we'll only import it through a historical order import.

Fixed - You can once again tag contacts in bulk (Select Contacts > Bulk Actions > Tags).

Fixed - When adding a variant to an existing product, that variant wasn't showing up in search. Now it is!


Fixed - Uploading the Order Import CSV from Windows would return an error saying the file wasn't a CSV, even when it was. Windows friends: upload away!

Fixed - Sorting the Purchase Orders page by supplier prevented users from opening purchase orders. If you're the sort who likes to sort, you should be good to go.


New Feature Webinar - Missed the live webinar? We've got you covered. Sign up for next month's webinar here.


Fixed - Selecting a PO currency other than the account default no longer causes discrepancies between line item totals and PO totals.

Fixed - Users without access to inventory financials can no longer sneak peeks through PO Detail pages.

Fixed - When changing the ship-to address on a purchase order, some users were seeing an "Invalid Address" error, which had nothing to do with the address and everything to do with a bug, which is now squashed.


Improved - Added four new columns to the Import Orders CSV: phone number, ship date ("start ship"), tags, and notes.

Improved - The order fulfillment API now returns order tags and notes. This enables more sophisticated workflows for integrated 3PLs.

Fixed - WooCommerce orders that imported as Pending weren't updating in Stitch when paid or canceled on the channel. Now they are (again).

Fixed - If multi-warehousing is enabled, the Import Orders CSV workflow now forces you to choose a warehouse.

Fixed - Archiving a purchase order now archives it rather than hiding it until you refresh the page. This trick—or, illusion—has seen its final countdown.


Improved - If you have over 20 unread notifications, your notification count will read 20+ rather than stressing you out (and increasing load times) with the full number.

Improved - Creating and updating variants is now a bit faster.

Fixed - If syncing packing slips to ShipStation, you can now split orders on both platforms. When splitting on ShipStation, Stitch adds shipments when the entire Stitch packing slip has shipped.

Fixed - The Order Import CSV was ignoring the specified order date, assigning the import date, instead. No longer.

Fixed - Receiving bundle components on a purchase order no longer distorts bundle availability.

Fixed - Stitch once again supports receiving the same variant across multiple line items in a single PO. Sorry for the brief disruption.

Fixed - The Awaiting quantity now updates immediately after committing/opening a purchase order.


Multi-warehouse Sales Report - This new Order Report compares gross revenue, total orders, and units sold across warehouses—especially useful for multi-location brick-and-mortar businesses.

Received Variants Report - This new PO Report shows each variant received during a specified time period, especially useful for distributed teams who want to know the latest items received at HQ.

Improved - If you split orders in Stitch and send packing slips to ShipStation, Stitch now passes Order # as Order_Reference_Number-Packing_Slip_ID. This makes it easier for shipping teams to differentiate between packing slips.

Improved - The Custom ID CSV now downloads faster, unless the file is over 250KB. Just kidding. It downloads faster at any size.

Fixed - Several PO fixes. If you haven't tried new purchase orders recently (or at all), enable via Stitch Settings > Order & PO Settings > New Purchase Orders.


Lightspeed Retail (Private Beta) - With this integration, you can manage multi-shop inventory from Stitch, pushing stock levels specific to each brick-and-mortar location (learn more). If you're interested in our private beta, please contact Support.

Fixed - 36 bugs squashed.


Help Center Redesign - If you're reading this, you probably like finding answers on your own. We want to make that easier and hope these changes help. How can we make a better self-service resource for you and your team? Let me know.

Fixed - 46 bugs squashed, including several that we should've avoided in the first place. We apologize for any disruption to your work and will do better next time.


Purchase Order Improvements - Draft status, auto-saving, and quick entry of up to 10,000 line items now on for all accounts. See our Create a Purchase Order article for more, and please let us know what you think! Share feedback via Account Menu > Submit Feedback.


Order Import CSV - Bulk upload sales orders from unintegrated channels, making it easier to manage and report on all your sales from a single platform. Now available for all plans! For more info, see our Import Orders CSV article.

Fixed - You can once again enable and disable multi-warehousing. If you manage stock across multiple locations and/or want to virtually allocate stock (for reserve/safety stock, wholesale stock, returned stock, etc.) you should turn it on and put the feature to work for your business.

Fixed - The Bulk Add Products CSV shouldn\’t have any more slashes next to special characters.


Purchase Order Improvements - Major update. Added a Draft status, which makes it easier to use Stitch for inventory planning. When you send a PO to your supplier, you'll move the status from Draft to Open, which will yield better data for awaiting quantities and reports like the Supplier Scorecard.

You can now add up to 10,000 line items. Concerned your browser might hang in the middle of PO entry? Fear not: we now auto-save each time you add a line item. New visual polish, too. Substance and shine.

We'll move everyone over to the new functionality on August 15. Eager to try now? Enable via Stitch Settings → Order & PO Settings → New Purchase Orders.

Amazon Fulfillment Latency - Now available for all accounts (learn more).

Fixed - Special character issues now vanquished from the Product Update CSV, Download Orders CSV, and Contact CSV.


Autobuild Protection - When you add a new variant on your sales channel, Stitch can automatically build ("autobuild") a corresponding variant into your Stitch inventory. This is great—except when you have unintended duplicates on your channel and Stitch builds corresponding duplicates of its own. For new accounts, moving forward, Stitch won't autobuild if there is already a matching SKU in Stitch inventory.

To enable this protection (for older accounts) or disable it (for new accounts that lack unique SKUs at the variant level), please contact Support.

Improved - Pages now load a tad faster and the app should be more stable, to boot.

Fixed - Non-Latin characters should now display properly within the app—for new contact and product details.

Fixed - Characters like ' and : should now display properly on the Custom ID and Product Update CSVs. Adios, &amp.


Send Location to ShipStation - When syncing orders, Stitch now passes variant location to ShipStation. Look for the Warehouse Location column on ShipStation's Orders page and picklists. Now on for all accounts! 

Database Improvements - We deployed several important changes to our database, laying the foundation for a harder, better, faster, stronger Stitch.


NRI 3PL Integration (Beta) - We now integrate with NRI Distribution, a North American 3PL specializing in fulfillment of footwear, apparel, and accessories. This is our first 3PL that integrates each fulfillment warehouse separately, allowing for more detailed tracking and routing within Stitch.

Improved - When syncing returns (currently available for Shopify and Magento), you can now set your default return warehouse as “Warehouse on Order.” This will add any returned units back to the original fulfillment warehouse—particularly handy for syncing returns from Shopify POS.

Improved - Stitch can now re-list/delist up to 1000 eBay listings per sync.

Fixed - Inventory CSV exports should no longer time out—via email or in general.

Fixed - If you were temporarily unable to search by product, you should now be back in business.

Fixed - After a brief hiatus, the Stock Log report—your definitive log of stock changes in Stitch—again returns the variant ID rather than our database ID.

Fixed - The Pick and Pack workflow wasn't consistently updating partially packed orders as fully packed. Now it does.

Fixed - You can once again configure and edit bundles in bulk via the Inventory CSV. Inventory CSV exports temporarily omitted component information, but now it's back.


Magento Returns Sync (Beta) - Allow returns processed in Magento to automatically sync back to orders in Stitch. No more double entry! See our Magento - Returns Sync article for more info.

ShipStation Packing Slip Fulfillment - Send packing slips (rather than full sales orders) to ShipStation. This gives you greater control within Stitch to manage split shipments, preorders, and backorders.

Fixed - Large Stock Log report exports should no longer time out. Our engineers tested it to 400 million rows for one customer account. If you're the poor soul who has to sift through that dataset, this cat meme is for you.

Fixed - The Order CSV now consistently shows variant SKU in the Line Item SKU field, even in Kafkaesque scenarios where someone deletes their SKUs one at a time, replaces them with UPCs, and then adds SKUs back.


Advanced Order Routing - Route orders to specific warehouses by country, state, or region. This feature is available to Business plans and higher in our current pricing model. See our Advanced Order Routing article for details.

User Permissions - Hide entire navigation tabs (e.g., Dashboard, Reporting) from basic users… like a boss! See our User Permissions article for more.

Send Location to ShipStation - When syncing orders, Stitch now passes variant location to ShipStation. This is on for a select group of customers; we'll share here when it's on for everyone else.

Improved - Reduced the time required to autofill a transfer order (up to 500 line items) from five minutes to one minute. Also added a visual queue to make the queueing more clear. Unrelated Scrabble commentary: "queueing" is one of only a few words in the English language with five consecutive vowels.

Fixed - Reconciling a stocktake no longer deletes pricing tier info. We're sorry not to have caught this earlier but are so glad it's fixed.

Fixed - The Share action on stocktakes now lets you share stocktakes with your team rather than share bug reports with our team.

Fixed - Saving a stocktake no longer sneakily moves you from the Stocktakes header navigation to the Products header navigation. This should make stocktake workflows much smoother.

Fixed - We now respect country-specific stock tracking for FBA sellers using North American Unified accounts.


Shopify Return Sync (Beta) - Allow returns processed in Shopify to automatically sync back to orders in Stitch. No more double entry! See our Shopify - Return Sync article for more.

Fixed - When adding a bundle to a transfer order, component line items now load with correct stock rather than 0, which was rendering them stubbornly un-transferable.

Fixed - Transfer order line item custom descriptions now appear on PDF exports. This is especially useful for passing instructions specific to certain line items. You can add custom line item descriptions to purchase orders and sales orders, too.

Fixed - You can now add multiple line items to a previously saved stocktake. This is way better than adding line items one save at a time.

Fixed - Squashed a mysterious bug where line items deleted from a transfer would sometimes still transfer. Phew!

Fixed - Receiving a transfer order no longer deletes accompanying notes, as this was never intended functionality.

Fixed - When creating an FBA Transfer to Amazon CA, you now have  “Other” as a shipment option. Note: Canada joke redacted by management.

Fixed - You can now see all shipments on a transfer order, even when you add more than 15.


Aging Inventory Report - Use the Aging Inventory report to drill into aging stock to identify slow-moving variants. This report returns information about the last time a variant was received on a Purchase Order (what day, which supplier, how many units) in conjunction with Last 30 Day Sales and Current Stock as a point of comparison. Use this report to see how much money you have tied up in aging stock then strategize your upcoming discounts, promo codes, and flash sales. Out with the old and in with the new!


Customer Loyalty Report - Added Customer Loyalty Drill Down to the Customer Loyalty Overview. Drill into the reordering behavior of each of your customers for targeted marketing campaigns, lapsed customer investigation, and more!


Supplier Lead Time - Added Lead Time to supplier/variant associations. This manually entered field specifies the expected number of days between opening a purchase order with your supplier and receiving units in your warehouse. Lead time is currently limited to the Variant Detail and Contact Detail pages, but will factor into suggested reorder points—coming soon to a Stitch near you.

Improved - Removed the Sync to ShipStation after save option from the Add Order page. When properly integrated, ShipStation syncs new and updated orders by default. One less click!

Fixed - 16 bugs smashed!


Improved - The Customer Loyalty report (Reports > Contacts > Customer Loyalty) no longer includes profit and margin columns, allowing the report to load much faster. To report on profit/margin, ensure that you've entered average unit costs, then explore our Sales by Variant, Sales by Product, and Order History reports.

Return/Refund Amounts - Custom amounts are now entered as a refund total rather than as line item amounts.

Fixed - You can again save and edit Additional Notes on transfer orders. Sorry about before—we're very glad it's fixed.

Line Sheet Documentation - Create line sheets right from Stitch. This feature isn't new, but the documentation is. Check both out!


Open API - The Stitch API is now open to partners and enterprise customers! This enables custom functionality within a single account as well as custom integrations between Stitch and new platforms. Read our announcement here and learn more about our developer program here.

ICYMI - Did you know that Stitch already integrates with NuORDER, Shipwire, and Scout topShelf? Well, we do. inDinero and other integrations are on the way.


Backend Improvements Galore - Laid the groundwork for data visualization (charts and graphs) on customized reports as well as pagination on purchase orders, which will soon support more than 500 line items. Stay tuned!

Fixed - Selecting an item from a side table unnecessarily refreshed the table, causing a flicker and animated scroll. This was distracting and we're glad to have fixed it.


Awaiting Stock by Warehouse - The Variants and Variant Detail pages now show awaiting stock by warehouse—especially useful if you receive purchases into multiple warehouses.

Improved - The Manage Channels page now sports icons showing when Master of Stock and Master of Price are set as channel defaults. Need to fine-tune Master of Stock at the listing level? We've got you covered.

Improved - Aggregate awaiting stock now displays on the Edit Purchase Order page.

Improved - The Variants page now loads faster. Zoom zoom!

Improved - When publishing to Shopify, we'll pre-fill Shopify-required fields Type (using a Stitch custom ID labeled Type) and Vendor (using the associated primary supplier). To add Type values in bulk, use the Custom ID CSV. To associate suppliers in bulk, use the Supplier Association CSV.


Advanced Product Finder on TOs - Quickly add items to a transfer order via the Advanced Product Finder. Search by custom IDs (SKU, UPC, etc.), attribute option, product name, and tag.

Unlinked FBA Transfers - If you send stock to FBA and rely on unsupported packing/shipping settings (e.g., FTL/LTL, FBA Prep Services, FBA Labeling Services, Inventory Placement Services), you can now manage the outbound transfer using Stitch's Unlinked FBA Transfers while separately managing inbound details with Amazon via Seller Central.

Improved - You can now filter the Channel Listings page by Master of Stock setting. This is especially helpful for finding and changing link settings in bulk.

Improved - Set Primary Supplier and Dropshippable in bulk via the Supplier Association CSV.

Returned Filter - Using our Returns feature and need to find a returned order? Use the Returns filter.

Fixed - 128 bugs smashed!


Improved - The Supplier Association CSV now includes Primary Supplier and Drop Shippable fields; fully configure dropshipping in bulk!

Note: Our dropshipping feature works best for items that are always dropshipped.

Improved - Selecting records in bulk now persists across paginated results, meaning that if you check items on one page and then click the next page of results, bulk actions will apply to all checked results, no matter which page you're on.

Improved - The Orders CSV now lives within the Actions menu. You can run the export selectively (for checked orders only) or for all orders that match the current filters (no checking necessary). Death to unnecessary clicks!

Improved - When printing barcodes in Stitch, you can now include location (choosing between that, SKU, and price) as a secondary description.

Fixed - The Returns tab (Orders > Order > Returns) and Return History report (Reports > Order Reports > Return History) now display the return date rather than the last modified date.


Amazon Fulfillment Latency - Push custom fulfillment latency ("handling time") values to merchant-fulfilled Amazon listings. Amazon's API requires that we send a latency value when updating products. If we don't, Amazon resets your listings to the default value (1 to 2 business days). To avoid this, you can now set custom latency values in Stitch; we'll then push these to Amazon (learn more).

Note: This setting will be available to all accounts within a couple weeks. To enable it now, email

Improved - Variant Detail pages now load much faster. Load times for the best-selling variants in our system went from around half a minute to under one second.

Fixed - Transfer order Additional Notes now appear on PDF exports. Warehouse penpals: rejoice!


PO Export to CSV - Export PO line items to CSV! This allows you to manipulate PO data before sending to your supplier. From the PO Detail page, click Share > Export CSV (see here).

Fixed - Updated our 503 error (“service unavailable”) response code so that when we take the site down for maintenance, we log you out rather than subjecting you to infinite spins within the app. As always, we strive to keep downtime short and scheduled for minimum disruption.

Fixed - When exporting CSV to email (best for larger exports), you’ll receive a green notification when the export is queued for processing. If you make another export request before that process is complete, you’ll see a red notification indicating that an export is already in the queue—rather than queuing up yet another email bound for your inbox.


Improved Inventory CSV - A blank cell in the Stock column now imports as no change, rather than 0. This allows you to clear all values, importing only the stock values you want and reducing the risk of unintended stock changes via the Inventory CSV.

ShipStation Bundle Breakout - Break bundled variants into their component parts before passing orders to ShipStation (learn more).

Two-Way Shipment Sync on Magento - Pull in shipment info from Magento. If you connect your fulfillment solution directly to Magento, shipment info should now pass through Magento back to Stitch, reducing manual work in Stitch. To enable, update your Stitch Magento plugin to v1.1.10. Worth noting: Stitch can also push shipment info to Magento.

Two-Way Shipment Sync on WooCommerce - Via an additional plugin, Stitch can communicate tracking and shipping status to and from WooThemes' Shipment Tracking plugin. Learn more here.

eBay Publishing Updates - We've made lots of fixes and improvements since releasing the beta. If you haven't published from Stitch to eBay, give it a go—and please share feedback.

Include Price on Label Printing - When printing barcodes labels in Stitch, you can now include price. If you run a brick and mortar business, give Barcode Printing a spin and let us know what you think.

New Amazon Marketplaces - Integrate Amazon Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Mexico. For more info, read our blog post here and our support article here.

Side Table Revision - These tables (which sit alongside most Detail pages in Stitch) now load much faster. They also sport a consistent look and make it easier to view the metadata most relevant to whatever record types you're viewing.

Product Detail Page Pagination - Say that four times fast. Pagination (i.e., displaying results in chunks of 15, 30, 50, etc. rather than all at once) allows this page to load even when a product has hundreds of variants.

Negative Low-Stock Alerts - These are useful for anyone who allows backorders and uses overselling thresholds to trigger replenishment.

Fixed - The Supplier CSV export no longer includes archived variants.


Custom ID CSV - this allows you to bulk-add and/or edit up to twenty different types of custom product identifiers and values (e.g., SKU, UPC, ISBN, EAN, Lead Time), which you can then leverage for eBay publishing and custom reporting. We're excited to see how you put these to work!

Fixed - Stitch now recognizes Canada as a country on sales order shipping addresses. We still dispute their claim to certain portions of the High Arctic.

Fixed - Account administrators can no longer delete account owners.


eBay Publishing (Beta) - You can now publish listings directly from Stitch to eBay. Learn more here!

34 Major & Critical Bugfixes - Thanks, dev team!


Transfer Order PDF Downloads - ​You can now download transfer orders to PDF! This feature wouldn't have been prioritized without your requests, so keep sharing feedback!

Print FNSKUs - You can now print Amazon fulfillment network SKUs (FNSKUs) right from Stitch, so if your inbound FBA shipments require labeling, you can prep your items without leaving Stitch.

Print Barcodes from TO Detail Page - You can now print barcodes from the Transfer Order Detail page, in addition to the Variant and PO Detail pages. You can't yet add barcode values in bulk, but we're working on it. Stay tuned!

Dymo Label Support - In addition to A4 label printing format, barcode printing now supports four Dymo label sizes:
  • 30252 (1-1/8" x 3 1/2")
  • 20330 (3/4" x 2")
  • 30336 (1" x 2-1/8")
  • 30332 (1" x 1")

You might say this addition is dymo-mite.

2015-11-09: Barcode Generation (Beta) and Three New Reports

You can now generate a sheet of barcodes (based on any pre-existing Custom ID). You can generate these from the Variant Detail page or the PO Detail page.

If you set low-stock alerts by warehouse, the Warehouse Low Stock report returns all variants that are at or below the threshold—super useful for reordering by warehouse.

Love product tags? The Product Tag Drill Down report groups variant sales by product tag for easier analysis.

The Variant Listing Associations report shows returns each listing that's linked to a variant. Each listing has its own row, with rows grouped by variant. This report shows when a listing was linked, whether Master of Stock is set for that listing, and what the current listing price is, among other details.


We now prevent orders assigned to an FBA warehouse from going to ShipStation. This was already the case for orders placed on Amazon, and now also applies for orders sent to FBA from other sources (e.g., manual Stitch orders, orders from other channels).

If an order is assigned to a warehouse, the Order Detail page now shows the stock available in—wait for it—that specific warehouse.

Stitch now runs historical order imports faster and parallel to imports of new orders.

We redesigned how users update their passwords on the My Profile page. This was really confusing before. Now it's less confusing.

We now force UI updates so users can be sure they're running the latest Stitch software.

We squashed 55 bugs. Think Orkin man, Raid, and Men in Black all rolled into one. Must. Squash. More.

2015-9-12: New Amazon Features

Amazon FBA Sellers can now create inbound shipments to FBA using our Amazon FBA Warehouse Transfer Orders. This feature will allow you to transfer stock from Stitch to FBA, and keep a record of what’s been shipped and received all through Stitch. 

Amazon sellers can also take advantage of Amazon Publishing! Sellers can now publish listings from Stitch to existing ASINs, and easily add new listings to Amazon. To learn more, check out our Amazon - Publishing Listings article. 

2015-7-8: Master of Price 

Master of Price is now officially in beta! This feature enables you to control pricing tiers across multiple channels through Stitch. To learn more, check out Master of Price - Beta.

2015-6-5: Bulk Actions > Tag Products

Bulk product tagging is now live! From your Products page, select the products you want to tag and click Bulk Actions > Tag Products. Happy tagging! 

2015-5-12: Bulk Supplier Associations 

Users can now create associations between variants and suppliers in bulk using the Supplier Association CSV. Check out this support article for instructions.

2015-4-21: New Search

New and improved search is now in beta! To give this new functionality a spin, head over to your Profile > Stitch Settings > General Settings and toggle it ON. 

2015-4-20: Google Analytics Integration

The Google Analytics integration is now live. Check out this support article for more information!

2015-4-10: New and Improved Returns and Exchanges

We re-designed the way returns and exchanges are handled in Stitch. Now you can return quantities to stock without removing the original line item. This means that you get to keep a record of everything on the order without impacting your reports. To learn more, check out Orders - Returns and Exchanges

2015-4-7: Bulk Bundling

Starting today users can create their bundles in bulk using the Stitch inventory CSV. To learn more, check out the Creating a Bundle section of the Inventory - Bundling article.

2015-3-25: In-app Linking for Unlinked Listings

As much as we love running those SKU-matching scripts for you, our Engineers just built this feature out in-app for your convenience. Starting today you can link up your listings directly on the Integrations page. You will see an option to auto-link your listings under each channel's settings, which makes the process much more automated. 

2015-2-17: Warehouse Routing

For users who have enabled the Multi-Warehousing feature in their account and have stock in 2+ locations, Stitch now supports Overflow Order Routing. If the default warehouse set for a sales channel does not have enough stock to support order fulfillment, that order can now be routed to a secondary warehouse for fulfillment instead. Stock will be decremented from the backup warehouse rather than the default. This setting can be enabled in the Integration page, and read about in further detail through the following support article.

2015-2-06: Publishing Listing Tool is now live for Shopify and Square

Starting today users can push either their existing product catalog or new items to Square and Shopify. For more information, check out this support article.

2015-1-20: Warehouses for Shopify POS Locations

Customers who have Shopifpy POS locations can now set unique incoming warehouses for those locations on the Manage Channels page settings. As orders come in from locations, Stitch will automatically set the warehouse on the order to match these settings, decrementing stock form the appropriate Stitch warehouse. For more on this setting, check out this support article.

2015-1-15: Integration with WooCommerce is now Live

Woo is out of Beta and is officially a Stitch integration! If you would like to add WooCommerce to your Stitch account, check out this support article for integration steps.

2015-1-6: Introducing Magento

Our Magento integration is officially live and ready to go as of today! For Magento setup instructions, check out this page.

2014-12-17: Inline Order Editing Beta

To turn on inline editing, head to your Profile > Stitch Settings > General Settings.

2014-12-4: Purchase Order Autofill and Warehouse Low Stock Alerts

You can now auto-fill your PO's with All Variants, Low Stock Variants or Low Stock in Warehouse. For more information about this feature, click here.

In addition, Low Stock Alerts can now be set at a warehouse level. This information will be displayed on the Variants page of your Inventory.

2014-11-20: Auto-closing feature for Square POS orders; Marketplace orders update

Starting today users will have the option to auto-close Square POS orders when they come into Stitch. In addition, Marketplace orders will also start downloading into Stitch with contact information.

2014-11-10: Cancelation Syncing

Stitch will now pull in canceled order statuses from your channels, and void the order in Stitch. This will happen for all integrated channels except Etsy and SparkPay.

2014-10-16: Magento Open Beta

Stitch's Magento integration is now available for all users. To see more on how that integration will work, please check out our support documents here.

2014-10-13: Amazon Pending Orders

Stitch will now import Amazon orders before they have been finalized in Amazon. This will allow us to reserve ordered units much more quickly, and reduce the chance of overselling. Orders will initially import without customer info or payments, but those will be updated as soon as the order is cleared in Amazon.

2014-10-03: Product Bundling

Stitch now supports product bundles (also known as kits or multipacks). If you sell products made from multiple components, we can help you automate that process. You can see more about this feature here.

2014-09-19: Channel Authentication

If you notice your channel not syncing or have recently updated your sales channel (BigCommerce, Shopify etc...) credentials, this new feature allows you to update the info to reactivate your sync. You can access the Edit Credentials link in each sales channels settings menu - by clicking on the settings button. 

2014-09-19: Custom IDs & Prices on the Inventory Variant Table

Improvements to the new Inventory Variant Table (Found here Inventory > Variants), including SKU, other custom IDs and prices. You can select what columns to appear on your Variants page using the gear icon, located underneath the +Product button. Changes to selected columns will be saved for future visits!

2014-08-25: Tabbed Order Navigation

Order tabs are back, so you can quickly move between orders, invoices, payments, packing slips, and shipments. The order overview is still available, and has a tab all it's own.

2014-08-25: Transfer Orders

Transfer Orders are now available (provided that multi-warehousing is activated). This feature allows you to create trackable transfers between locations. They can be found on the Purchase Orders page.

2014-08-15: Order Tag Reporting

There's a new Order Report by tag. This can be used for any number of reasons, anything from commission tracking to looking at revenue during a holiday sale.

2014-08-15: Export Orders to CSV

On the Orders page, you can now select the check boxes of orders you would like to export, then click Download, and Export Orders to CSV. This allows you to upload orders to a non-integrated fulfillment solution, or preform your own analysis on order data.

2014-08-15: Persistent Scrollbars

Hovering your mouse over any of Stitch's tables will make vertical and horizontal scrollbars appear, for easier use with a non-multidirectional mouse.

2014-07-25: Order & PO Tagging

Orders and POs can now be tagged, in the same way that contacts and products can. These tags can also be applied in bulk via the Bulk Actions menu.

2014-07-15: Variant Table

Now you can view a list of all of your variants in one place on the Inventory page! The new variant table displays stock quantities, prices, revenue and more for each individual variant all in one place - information that used to be only accessible by clicking into a product.

2014-07-15: Customizable Column View

You can now customize which columns are displayed on the tables on the Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Contacts, and Expenses pages! These changes will also be saved when you navigate away.

2014-07-01: Multi-Currency Support for PayPal e-Invoicing

Customers will now be able to pay invoices via PayPay in the currency selected on the Stitch order.

2014-06-01: New Platform Launch!

After months of hard work, we're releasing Stitch's new platform to all of our customers.

2014-04-07: New Platform Beta

You may have noticed that Stitch's rollout of new features has slowed down a bit. That's because our engineers are focused on developing Stitch's new platform. We're redesigning the interface from the ground up to be dramatically faster, easier to use, and scalable for your business as it grows in the years to come.  You can sign up for the beta by clicking here.

2014-02-09: Shopify POS Filtering Update

You can now filter Shopify orders by Online, POS, and locations within your Shopify POS. Additionally, addresses will now be downloaded for Shopify POS orders when entered at or before the time of sale.

2014-02-09: Terminology Update

In order to help make using Stitch as clear as possible, we've made a couple terminology changes throughout Stitch.  What used to be called "Pending Orders" are now called "Unlinked Orders" and what used to be called "Master of Inventory" is now called "Master of Stock".

2014-01-31: Shopify POS Visibility Update

Stitch can now pull in and update listings that are "visible" on Shopify POS but "hidden" on Shopify Online.

2014-01-31: Bulk Add Products via CSV

Added the ability to create new products by exporting a template CSV, adding rows with product info, and reimporting. You can read more about that here.

2014-01-29: New Support Center Design

You're looking at it right now. Isn't it pretty?

2014-01-23: Force Ship Sync Available

This new check-box on orders allow you to flag an order to be sent to your integrated fulfillment company (i.e. ShipStation) on the next sync.

2014-01-21: Order/PO Currency Selection

You can now set the currency on orders and POs. Currencies will automatically be downloaded with the order from sales channels that support them and will be attached to invoices sent to Xero. You can read more about this feature

2014-01-06: Channel Stock Control (Closed Beta)

This feature will allow you to set a sales channel to be Master of Stock over a warehouse in Stitch.  If you're interested in joining the closed beta, please see this article.

2013-12-20: Draft Orders

Orders can be set to "Ignore Stock" status to prevent them from decrementing Inventory and "Draft" status to ignore stock and prevent the order from affecting reporting or being pushed to accounting or shipping integrations. You can read more in the Draft Orders support article. 

2013-12-19: Shopify & BigCommerce Order Tightening

Stitch can now download shipment information from Shopify and BigCommerce. Payment info added to BigCommerce after the initial order is downloaded, can now be downloaded at a later date.

2013-11-08: Archiving

You can now archive contacts, expenses, POs, orders, products and listings. Read more about this feature here.

2013-11-04: Multi-Warehousing

Stitch now supports tracking inventory across multiple locations.  You can read more about this feature in the Multi-Warehousing support article.

Updates prior to 2013-11-01 are locked away in a secret vault.