Shopify - Order Management

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019 09:20AM PST
Stitch automatically imports new Shopify orders (open and pending) on each sync. From Stitch, you can route web orders to integrated shipping solutions and push order status updates back to Shopify.

Order Status Updates

Stitch receives the following order status updates from Shopify:
Order Status on Shopify Resulting Update in Stitch
Payment Captured Marked as paid in Stitch
Partially Fulfilled Partially packed and shipped (w/ tracking)
Fulfilled Fully packed and shipped (w/ tracking)
Canceled Voids order, if open. If Stitch order is closed, there's no effect.
Refunded Item(s) returned/refunded, if Return Sync is on.

Note: Draft orders won't import into Stitch until marked as paid/pending in Shopify.

If you've enabled Push Order Updates, Stitch sends the following updates to Shopify:
Order Update in Stitch Resulting Update on Shopify
Partially Shipped Partially Fulfilled (w/ tracking)
Fully Shipped Fulfilled (w/ tracking)
Closed Archived
Void Canceled

Note: Returns/refunds recorded in Stitch won’t sync back to Shopify.

Order Settings

Adjust your Shopify order settings to control how order information flows to and from this channel.

Tip: Enable Push Order Updates to push supported order updates back to Shopify. Enable Auto-Close to automatically close orders once paid and shipped.

If you've set Shopify POS to Mark orders as fulfilled, POS orders will import as packed and shipped. To import POS orders as unshipped, be sure to disable Mark orders as fulfilled from your Shopify POS settings.

Order Details

Stitch imports order line items, customer info, order financials, customer notes, and order tags (optional via a separate setting).

Additional order details (timeline, fraud analysis, etc.) don't import into Stitch. Subsequent changes to order details (post-sync) don't import into Stitch.

Note: Any line item discounts applied in Shopify will be combined into a single order discount in Stitch. Product sales reporting in Stitch doesn't reflect discounts applied at the order level.

Customer Info

For web orders, Stitch imports customer info for each sale. Contact updates made in Shopify after the order imports into Stitch will not transfer.

POS orders will have a unique contact in Stitch as long as you enter an email address at the point of sale. If you don't enter an email address, customer info imports, but under a generic Unknown Customer from Shopify POS contact record.