BigCommerce - Order Management

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019 09:19AM PST
This article explains how order information is synced between Stitch and BigCommerce. To learn how orders are managed in Stitch, check out our Orders articles.

Order Status Updates

Stitch receives the following order status updates from BigCommerce:
BigCommerce Status Corresponding Update in Stitch
Awaiting Payment Imports into Stitch as billed
Awaiting Fulfillment Updates order as paid
Awaiting Shipment Updates order as paid and packed
Shipped Updates shipment in Stitch (with tracking) for partial and complete fulfillment
Canceled Voids the order in Stitch
Completed Imports as billed, paid, and packed
Closes order in Stitch, if auto-close is enabled
Won't update order status in Stitch if order previously imported
Awaiting Pickup
Verification Required
No update to the order in Stitch

Note: Stitch will only import shipping updates from BigCommerce when they're made using the Ship Items action. Changing the order status to shipped (either in bulk or via the order status dropdown) won't update the order in Stitch.

If you've enabled Push Order Info (Integrations > Channels > Channel Settings), Stitch sends the following order status updates to BigCommerce:
Order Update in Stitch Corresponding Update on BigCommerce
Paid Updates order as Awaiting Fulfillment
Packed Updates order as Awaiting Shipment
Shipped Updates partial and complete fulfillment status on BigCommerce (with tracking)
Closed Marks order as Completed on BigCommerce
Void Cancels the order on BigCommerce
Refund No update to the order in BigCommerce

Order Details

Stitch imports new orders on each sync, pulling in line items, customer info, order financials, and customer notes. Subsequent changes to order details (post-sync) won't import into Stitch.

Customer Info

Stitch imports customer info for each sale. Contact updates made in BigCommerce after receipt of the order in Stitch will not transfer to Stitch.

Note: Stitch doesn't support orders with multiple shipping addresses. These orders will import into Stitch with only the first address entered into the order.