Average Unit Cost

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2018 12:21PM PDT
Average unit cost (AUC) reflects the average cost you've paid for the on-hand units of a variant. Stitch uses this value to calculate COGS, inventory assets, margin, and profit. To know the value of your inventory in Stitch, enter average unit cost for each variant.

Note: This article applies only to Stitch Classic. If you're using our latest version, please refer to the corresponding Stitch X article.

Set in Bulk

When you first start tracking inventory/cost in Stitch, enter AUC in bulk using the Inventory CSV:

Automatically Update via Purchase Order

When you receive stock via a purchase order, Stitch automatically updates the average unit cost:

Note: To ensure proper calculation, set initial on-hand AUC values in bulk (detailed above) and always enter a unit cost for each PO line item.

Add to New Products/Variants

When adding new products/variants to Stitch, enter AUC in the Unit Cost field:

Note: If you'll receive your first units via purchase order, entering cost here is not necessary.

Manually Adjust Average Unit Cost

Adjust AUC for an individual variant using the Reconcile Stock option on the Variant Detail page:

You can also adjust AUC from the Variants page:

Hit Enter after making any change on the Variants table.

Note: If you manually adjust AUC for a variant with on-hand stock, Stitch automatically records an adjustment to your inventory assets.