Does Stitch work for international businesses?

Last Updated: Sep 07, 2018 01:20PM PDT
Stitch is designed for businesses primarily operating and selling in the US. If your company is based outside the US, Stitch may still work for you, but please note the following:
  • Stitch imports sales order currency from integrated sales channels and you can set the currency on orders created in Stitch, but Stitch reports assume that all revenue is in your default currency. Stitch doesn’t support sales order currency conversion.
  • Stitch's in-app text and support documentation is English-only.
  • The Quickbooks Online integration is only available to US based organizations.
  • Stitch only supports dates in MM/DD/YYYY format.
  • Stitch doesn't support international eBay seller accounts. If your eBay seller account is based outside the US, listings and orders will successfully download, but Stitch will not deduct units on those orders from your available inventory and available inventory quantity in Stitch won't push up to eBay.
  • Dates and times in Stitch are currently calculated in Pacific (California) Time. Dates may be off by a day, especially for Asia/Pacific customers.
  • AU/NZ customers may see orders import from integrated sales channels with totals off by a few pennies due to taxation rounding issues.
  • Stitch doesn't support inclusive taxation (VAT & GST). This is especially important for Stitch users that have sales channels and Xero integrated.
  • Stitch may not support all country-specific invoice formatting requirements.
  • Stitch does not support the metric system.
  • Non-Latin characters will not display properly in all areas of Stitch, and a number of critical functions (editing, saving, deleting, etc.) can malfunction when those characters are modified. In most cases, removing these characters enables the app to function properly, but this is not guaranteed.
If you have questions about Stitch's support for international companies, please contact us.