Reports Overview

Last Updated: Dec 26, 2018 08:58AM PST
Once you're up and running in Stitch, choose from over 30 built-in reports to reveal actionable, cross-channel insights into your business.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

Note: To report on profit, COGS, or inventory value in Stitch, enter average unit cost values for each variant in Stitch.

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Inventory Control

Know your inventory. Find these reports in the Product category.
Report Description
Inventory Status View the complete status of your inventory including what's available, awaiting, committed, and in various order states.
Stock Log View each change to stock and average unit cost—as well as resulting changes to inventory assets and COGS.
Reconciliation View each stock reconciliation, including who made the change and any reason given.
Historical Stock View starting and ending stock counts for any period within the life of your Stitch account, along with changes from sales, returns, reconciliations, and received purchases.
Aging Inventory Find your fastest and slowest-moving variants sorted by last date received and units sold in the past 30 days.
Inventory Financial View YTD financial data for your entire inventory including units sold, revenue, profit, average cost, COGS, stock, and inventory value.


Report Description
Low Stock View all low-stock variants. If using multi-warehousing, see Low-Stock by Warehouse. Find both via Inventory reports.
Add Stock Compare units purchased (via purchase order) against units actually received. Find via Inventory reports.
Received Variants View each variant received over a given time period. Find via PO reports.
Supplier Scorecard Track supplier performance over time, measuring shipment rate and lead time compared to industry benchmarks. Find via PO reports.


Report(s) Description
Sales by… and Product Drill-down reports See which items, attributes, and categories perform best as measured by revenue, profit, margin, and units sold. Find in Inventory reports.
Multi-warehouse Sales Report Compare gross revenue, order volume, and unit sold by warehouse—especially useful for multi-location brick-and-mortar brands. Find via Order reports.
Contact Sales by Type Compare channel performance at a glance, by revenue and units sold. Find via Contact reports.
Orders by State Aggregate geographic sales data across channels. Use this to direct advertising, tradeshow attendance, or even brick-and-mortar expansion. Find via Order reports.
Customer Loyalty Measure your success in driving repeat purchases. Find via the Overview and Drill-down reports.

Wholesale Selling

Stay on top of wholesale selling via these Order reports.
Report Description
Ship and Cancel Date Summary Review wholesale ship windows at a glance.
Sales by Tag Tag orders by sales rep to assign commissions.
Order/Invoice/Payment History View revenue and units sold, invoiced, and paid for over a given time period.
Outstanding Invoice View all past due and unpaid invoices belonging to open orders, regardless of order date.