eBay - Order Management

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2017 03:25AM PDT
This article explains how order information is synced between Stitch and eBay. To learn how orders are managed in Stitch, check out our Orders articles.

Order Status Updates

When a customer commits to purchasing an item on eBay, Stitch will import that order on the next sync. Stitch receives the following order status updates from eBay:
eBay Status Corresponding Update in Stitch
Awaiting Shipment Updates order as Paid
Shipped Updates order as shipped (w/ tracking)
Canceled Voids order
If you've enabled Push Order Info (Integrations > Channels > Channel Settings), Stitch sends the following order status updates to eBay:
Order Update in Stitch Corresponding Update on eBay
Paid Awaiting Shipment
Partially Shipped Partially Fulfilled (w/ tracking)
Fully Shipped Fulfilled (w/ tracking)

Order Details

Stitch imports new orders on each sync, pulling in line items, customer info, and order financials.

If your customer makes a Paypal payment within eBay, the Paypal Transaction ID and fees will be downloaded to Stitch.

If your customer combines two orders on eBay, those orders will also be combined in Stitch. The two original orders will be voided in Stitch and a new combined order will be created. Stitch will add a note to the voided orders referencing the new, combined order number.

Customer Info

When your customer commits to buy a product you have listed on eBay, Stitch will download that order and create a contact for the customer making the purchase.

This contact will initially only display the buyer's email, but will be further populated with contact info when payment is finalized within eBay.


ShipStation doesn't send Stitch the tracking number for international shipments. eBay requires a tracking number, so Stitch isn't able to update international eBay order as shipped.

If a tracking number is manually added in Stitch, we can mark those orders as shipped in eBay.