Add Products

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2019 03:38PM PDT
There are three ways to add products to Stitch:

Note: Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

Import from an Integrated Sales Channel

The easiest way to get your products into Stitch is via an integrated sales channel.

Stitch can automatically import products (via the Auto Import feature) or selectively import individual products (by manually fixing unlinked listings).

Add Products in Bulk via CSV

Use the Add Products CSV to add products in bulk.

This method is especially helpful for bulk importing products not sold on your Auto Import channel—for example, bundle components or items sold only on a non-integrated channel.

Manually Add Individual Products

To manually add products one at a time, go to the Inventory tab and click + Product:

Enter the required and recommended fields:
  1. Product Name (required) - Choose a simple name that identifies this product within Stitch.
  2. Tags - Use tags to organize and report on products by category. You can apply tags at the product level, but not the variant level.
  3. Pricing Levels - Create as many prices as you’d like. Each price will be automatically added to every variant associated with the product, but can be easily adjusted later.
  4. Variants - If the product doesn't have any variants, skip to the next step.

    Variants are made up of attributes (e.g. Color and Size) along with options (e.g. Red, Blue, Green and Small, Medium, Large).

    Stitch create all the possible combinations for you so you don't have to add variants one at a time. You can have unlimited product attributes, but we recommend keeping it to three or less in order to keep the product catalog more manageable.

  5. Unit Cost and Stock Quantity - Enter initial cost and stock values for each variant. Use the Copy to All tool to apply the same cost and stock quantity to each variant.

    Note: Cost and quantity are the only variant details you can enter during manual product creation. To add SKUs during product creation, use the Bulk Add Product CSV.

  6. Images - Upload images associated with this product.
  7. Save - Click Save to create the product and any associated variants.
You can edit this product at any time (see Edit Product) as well as add or edit variants.