Xero - Invoices and Payments

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2019 03:06PM PDT
Stitch sends sales invoice and related payment information to Xero every ten minutes. For Stitch to properly sync this content, the link between Stitch contact and Xero contact must be preserved.

Note: This article applies only to Stitch Classic.

Invoice Creation

Stitch sends invoices to Xero in either a draft or authorized state based on the setting you choose during integration setup.

Stitch sends line item details (product description, price, discount, sales tax, S&H, S&H tax), currency (if enabled in Xero), payment due date, contact details (name, email, phone, billing address, Stitch ID), and reference numbers (Stitch invoice ID, sales channel order reference number).

Invoice Updates

Stitch can update invoices in Xero depending on the invoice status in Xero.
Line Item Changes
Stitch can make line item changes to draft invoices only.

Stitch can add full and partial payments to authorized invoices only, provided that you've mapped a payment account.

Voiding an order in Stitch will void the invoice in Xero if it is authorized but unpaid.

If you don't want a Stitch invoice update to push to Xero, check Skip Accounting on the invoice.

This feature is useful for businesses subject to inclusive taxation (e.g., VAT, GST) who need to manually break quantities apart or move them into different fields in Xero.

Contact Management

For Stitch to properly sync invoices, the link between Stitch contact and Xero contact must be preserved.

When Stitch creates an invoice in Xero, it creates a new contact for that invoice. Stitch relies on this contact to create future invoices and updates for that customer.

We create this contact in Xero using the customer name and ID from Stitch:

If you manually edit the contact in Xero, Stitch will overwrite those changes when adding a new invoice or invoice update. If you archive the contact in Xero, Stitch won't be able to create any invoices or updates for that contact until you restore it.

If Stitch creates a contact that already exists in Xero, merge the existing contact into the Stitch contact. This resolves the duplicate while preserving the Stitch-created contact.

If you need to edit the contact name, do so in Stitch. These changes will push to Xero when Stitch sends a new invoice or invoice update for that contact.

Critical Info

By default, Stitch only sends Xero invoices that you create after you've fully integrated. To request a historical invoice/payment push, email support@stitchlabs.com.