Tracking Sales Rep Performance

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2019 04:35PM PDT
Manage your wholesale team using Stitch to assign in-house or freelance sales representatives to customer accounts, understand sales rep performance, and generate reliable reports to calculate commission. 

Note: This feature is available only on certain Stitch X plans. If you’re unsure whether your plan includes this feature, please contact Support.


Each rep on your sales team requires a user account in Stitch. Your reps may already have user profiles, but if not, add a user account for each rep.

The degree to which a sales rep will use Stitch—if at all—depends on your business. Review the Stitch Help Center article on user permissions to understand and control what a user can access. 

To manage reps without granting direct Stitch account access, use an email address controlled by your business when creating a rep's account. Remember that every user account must have a unique email address.

Assigning a sales rep to a contact

Relate a sales rep to their wholesale customer accounts and relevant Stitch orders by assigning a sales rep to a contact. Once assigned, Stitch will automatically assign the designated sales rep to future orders for that contact.

Navigate to the contact's details page, and click Edit. In edit mode, you will see a searchable field labeled Sales Representative. Begin typing to bring up the suggestions dropdown:
Select the Stitch user profile to assign the user as the sales rep for the contact, and click Save.You must select a sales rep (a Stitch user profile) from the dropdown list. 

Assigning a sales rep to an individual sales order

Handle special circumstances by assigning a sales rep to an individual order.  The steps are nearly identical to those for assigning a sales rep to a contact.

Navigate to the order's details tab, click Edit, and enter the name of a Stitch user into the searchable field labeled SALES REP:
If the customer's contact already had an assigned sales rep, you'll see that name on the order. Editing this name will not update the contact's assigned sales rep, only the specific order's.

Assigning in bulk

Avoid repetitive, manual work by bulk-assigning sales reps to existing contacts and (optionally) their past orders.

Export your Stitch contacts by clicking Actions > Export Contacts on the Contacts page, and the exported contacts CSV will reflect any applied filters at the time of export, showing any current associations that exist. Delete all columns to the right of the Sales Representative Email column, and delete any rows you will not be updating.

Add the sales rep's Stitch account email under Sales Representative Email for any contact row to which you'd like to add a sales rep. The Sales Representative field can be filled in or left blank; adding a sales rep's name without their email will do nothing. 

Removing a sales rep from this CSV will not remove any existing associations on the contact. In order to remove a sales rep contact association, write remove in the email field before upload.

To upload your sales rep assignment, attach and email your edited CSV to, indicating whether you'd like to associate all of each contact's existing orders with their sales rep.

Reporting performance

View sales rep performance by navigating to Reports > Order Reports > Order by Sales Rep. This report breaks down orders by invoice within the given date range and shows the sales rep to which the invoice's parent order is attributed, as well as invoice status. The report is filterable by channel and order date range.

Some businesses credit sales reps when an order is invoiced, and others when an order is paid. To see total revenue per invoice and payment status by sales rep, export the order as a CSV and create a pivot table in Google Sheets or Excel.