Direct Ship

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2019 05:04PM PDT
Ship orders directly from your supplier to your customer by using Stitch's Direct Ship functionality to add a customer as a purchase order recipient.

Note: This feature is available only to accounts with Stitch X cost-tracking enabled.

Create a Direct Ship sales order

Create a sales order as usual, but before saving, choose  Direct Ship Warehouse from the  Warehouse dropdown instead of selecting one of your warehouses:sales-order-dir-ship-dropdown
Manually assign a reference number that indicates to your team that it is a Direct Ship order. You can use that same reference number in the next section.

Saving the order automatically creates a fulfillment. It will always have an Unfulfillable status since the line items are in your supplier's warehouse, not yours. No need to worry, this is expected. Direct Ship orders require manual shipments, which you'll add later.

Create a Direct Ship purchase order

The second part of the Direct Ship workflow is creating a purchase order that corresponds to the sales order. Create a new PO with the same line items as the sales order, and select Direct Ship Warehouse in the Select Warehouse dropdown:

If your plan includes Advanced Purchase Orders, the warehouse dropdown option appears as Direct ship to a contact… instead of Direct Ship Warehouse.

There is no technical relationship between the Direct Ship sales order and PO, so give the PO the same reference number that you assigned to the sales order for easy searching.

Receive Direct Ship purchase order

Once you've received notification that the purchase order has shipped, receive it in Stitch, as you would any supplier PO. Be sure to copy any tracking info from the Direct Ship purchase order for the next step. 

Tip: It does not matter if you receive a Direct Ship PO before or after its corresponding sales order is shipped, as long as both actions are completed closely together.

Ship Direct Ship sales order

Go to either the Fulfillments or Shipments tab of your Direct Ship sales order, and click +Shipment. Create a shipment for the order, entering the tracking info you from the corresponding Direct Ship PO. Click Save.