Shopify - Locations

Last Updated: Nov 09, 2018 07:48AM PST
Stitch supports Shopify's Locations functionality by allowing you to designate a primary Shopify location, to which Stitch will push all stock values and shipment updates.

Viewing your primary location

See your primary Shopify location by going to Integrations  > Channels  > Shopify  > Settings (gear icon) and scrolling to the Product Settings section:
By default, your eComm warehouse is designated your primary Shopify location, and Stitch recommends keeping this setting as-is. Your primary location serves as the default fulfillment warehouse when shippable orders are submitted through Shopify POS.

Note: Presently, Stitch pushes stock values and shipment updates to only your primary Shopify location. Automatic inventory management for multiple Shopify POS locations will be available in 2019.

Changing your primary location

To change your primary location, click the Primary Shopify Location dropdown to designate the location where Stitch will sync inventory:  If you choose a different location, either new or existing, Stitch will again download all product info, even if your selection has been your primary location in the past.

Note: Shopify integrations with more than 12,500 listings may take more than one sync to fully download. New orders won't be imported during this initial download. Once complete, order import will resume.

Best practice

To avoid manual upkeep of inventory in each of your Shopify POS locations, we recommend hyper-inflating stock within Shopify variant settings. Track your secondary locations' actual, accurate inventory in  Stitch.