Sale Order Fulfillments Report

Last Updated: Oct 02, 2018 02:32PM PDT
The Sales Order Fulfillments heading contains the following four reports: Fulfillment History, Fulfillment History by Line Item, Open Fulfillments and Open Fulfillments by Line Item

Use the Fulfillment History reports to gain insight into fulfillment level information on your account. Use the Open Fulfillments report to see fulfillments that still need to be processed.

Use the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen to navigate between the two Fulfillment History reports and the two Open Fulfillments reports.

Note: This feature is available only on our latest version, Stitch X.


Filter the Fulfillment History reports by order date and warehouse.

Filter the Open Fulfillments reports by warehouse.

This report excludes fulfillments that belong to transfer orders.


These reports include the following fields:
Field Definition
Order ID The Stitch ID of the order associated with the fulfillment.
Order Reference Reference number of the order associated with the fulfillment.
Fulfillment ID The Stitch ID of the fulfillment.
Channel The channel the order was imported from.
Order Date Order date of the order associated with the fulfillment.
Hold Until Hold date, if set.
Lock Date Timestamp when the fulfillment was first acknowledged by ShipStation, your 3PL or other fulfillment solution. Will be blank if the order is not currently locked.
Complete Date Date the fulfillment was marked as complete.
Fulfillment Status Status of the fulfillment. Default statuses are 'initialized', 'backordered' and 'unfulfillable'.
Release Status Indicates if the fulfillment is available for pickup on the API. Possible statuses are 'Force_Released', 'On_Hold', 'Not_Released' and 'Released'.
Customer First Name First name of the customer on the fulfillment.
Customer Last Name Last name of the customer on the fulfillment.
Shipping Address Ship to address on the fulfillment, split among several columns.

Both "Line Item" reports include these additional fields:
Field Definition
Variant ID Variant ID of the variant on the fulfillment.
Product ID Product ID of the variant.
SKU SKU of the variant.
Variant Title Title of the variant
Quantity Number of units of the variant on the fulfillment. In some cases, the quantity may be split between multiple lines for the same variant on the same fulfillment.
Quantity Canceled Number of canceled units for this variant on the fulfillment.

Use Cases

The Fulfillment History reports can help provide information about all order fulfillments on your account.

The Open Fulfillments reports can help you see what fulfillments and units still need to be shipped out.