Committed Stock Report

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019 09:23AM PST
This report shows all fulfillments that are committing units for a given variant.

Note: This feature is available only on our latest version, Stitch X.


Filter by variant (required).

Alert:This report excludes any units committed by classic transfer orders. Units committed to Stitch X transfer orders are included.


This report includes the following fields:
Field Definition
Fulfillment ID ID of the fulfillment committing these units
Parent ID ID of the Order or Transfer Order committing these units
Parent Type The type of order the fulfillment belongs to. Currently, either SALES_ORDER or TRANSFER_ORDER
Warehouse The warehouse the fulfillment is assigned to
Net Committed Number of units this fulfillment is committing currently. This will be the result of

(Units On Fulfillment) - (Units Canceled) - (Units Shipped)
Units On Fulfillment Total number of units on the fulfillment for this variant
Units Canceled Number of canceled units on the fulfillment for this variant
Units Shipped Number of shipped units on the fulfillment for this variant

Use Cases

Use this report to quickly track down where your variant is committed. Especially useful if your variant is a component in bundles.