Edit Receipts

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2019 02:20PM PDT
To monitor and record over- or under-receiving on purchase orders, edit your PO receipts to adjust for unexpected quantities

Note: This feature is available only on our latest version, Stitch X, and only accounts using FIFO cost-tracking can edit PO receipts.

Editing already-received line item quantities

You can edit receipts on completely- or partially-received ship notices as long as the PO itself is still open. Clicking the arrow at the top-right of a collapsed receipt will expand the full receipt, revealing an Edit button at the bottom-right.

Once expanded, click the Edit button to choose either Edit Receipt or Delete Receipt from the popup:

 Selecting Edit Receipt returns you to the stock receiving process, where you can adjust line item quantities.

Incrementing received quantities will add to the open and total units of the inventory layer originally generated by the PO.

Decrementing received quantities will subtract from the open and total units of the inventory layer originally generated by the PO. 

Zeroing-out received quantities will delete the receipt line item entirely, and the associated inventory layer will be closed.

Note: When decrementing results in a negative open unit quantity, Stitch won't apply any change but will display an error in-app. If you need to decrement by more units than are open, please contact Support.

Upon clicking Save, you will see at the top-right of the PO page a request to verify any discrepancies caused by over- or under-receiving:
Clicking Verify Discrepancy will display a modal asking you to confirm your quantities. If your quantities are correct, click Verify Receiving to complete the process.  

Deleting receipts

Deleting an entire receipt requires all associated inventory layers of receipt line items to have open units equal to total units. Otherwise, Stitch will not delete the ship notice but will show an error in-app.