QuickBooks Online - Invoice Sync (Stitch X)

Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 03:19PM PST
If you've enabled invoice push with QBO, Stitch will send invoices to QBO every hour, on the hour. For Stitch to properly sync invoices, the link between Stitch contact and QBO contact must be preserved.

Note: Once Stitch pushes an invoice to QBO, updates to that invoice will not push from Stitch to QBO.

Syncing Invoices

Stitch can optionally push invoices to QBO as sales transactions. When entering or editing invoices directly in Stitch, you can check the "skip accounting" box to hold back an invoice. Once you're ready to have the invoice sent, just edit the order and uncheck the box.

Invoices sent by Stitch to QBO include line item details (Product Description, Quantity, Price), invoice details (Invoice #, Discount, Sales Tax, S&H, payment due date), and contact details (name, email, phone, billing address, Stitch ID).

Customer Contacts

The first time Stitch syncs an invoice for a particular customer in Stitch, it creates a new contact using the customer name and ID from Stitch. Stitch relies on this contact to create future invoices and updates for that customer. 

If you've been using QBO for some time, you may already have contacts set up in QuickBooks for some customers. Follow these instructions to merge the contacts created by Stitch with existing QBO contacts while maintaining the link to Stitch.
  1. After the first Invoice has been created in QBO, you will have a new contact that contains the name and Stitch ID, such as John Smith #1134.
  2. Open the original contact in QBO. Edit the Display Name of the original contact ("John Smith") to match the contact created by Stitch ("John Smith #1134").
  3. Confirm that you want to merge the contacts.
  4. If desired, You can now edit the merged contact and change the Display name.

Note: To preserve the contact map between Stitch and QBO, change the display name of the original QBO contact.

Critical Info

Stitch won't map the products from Stitch generated invoices to products you created in QBO's inventory. Line items are sent over as a generic "Stitch Product" with the variant details in the description field.

Voiding an order in Stitch won't void the related QuickBooks invoice. The invoice must be manually voided in QuickBooks.

If the invoice number assigned in Stitch has already been used in QBO, that invoice won't be sent to QBO.