Edit Purchase Orders

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2019 02:56PM PDT
To help you add and update information, you can edit almost any detail on a purchase order.

Note: This feature is available only on our latest version, Stitch X.

Edit dates and details

You can edit dates and details (PO Date, Reference Number, Payment Terms, Notes, Supplier Details) at any point, regardless of the purchase order status.

Edit line items

You can edit any aspect of a ship notice as long as it hasn't been received. Once any amount is received, you can't edit the Ship To warehouse. You can still edit any line item units that haven't been received.

Adjust cost

You can adjust cost for any unreceived item. On premium Stitch plans, you can adjust cost after receipt, as well. For more, see manage costs on purchase orders.

Add line items

Add new line items via the Add More Products card:

Add additional ship notices

Premium plans have advanced PO's which allow for multiple ship notices on a single purpose order.

To add an additional ship notice when you've finished creating the first, click Add Another Notice before saving: add-another-notice To add an additional ship notice to an existing, saved PO, click Edit Order while viewing a ship notice to reveal the Add Another Notice button in the edit mode:edit-sn-to-add-another-notice

Move items to new ship notice

On plans that support multi-shipment purchase orders, users can move line items from one ship notice to another (or to a new ship notice).

From the ship notice view, select the line items you wish to move and click Move selected to ship notice:

This option is useful for when certain items get delayed, or when you choose to ship a portion of an order via air instead of freight.