Track and Receive Purchase Orders

Last Updated: Jun 10, 2019 03:10PM PDT
Once you create a purchase order, you can track its progress through shipment, arrival, and receipt into Stitch inventory. Receiving a purchase order adds units to the Available stock quantity.

Note: This article applies only to the latest version of Stitch. If you're using an older version, please refer to the corresponding Stitch Classic article.

Commit ship notice

If you've saved your purchase order and corresponding ship notice(s) as draft, you'll need to commit them to add to inbound/awaiting and expose the ship notice to an integrated 3PL.

To move a ship notice out of draft, click Commit Ship Notice:

Mark as shipped (optional)

Use this to measure the supplier's promised shipped date (Expected Ship Date) to actual performance (Shipped Date). To set Shipped Date, click Set Date from the Dates card:

This date has no effect on the movement of stock or inventory value.

Mark as arrived

Arrival date indicates when inventory crosses the threshold into your facility. Stitch's cost tracking system uses this date to report on when you take ownership of inventory assets.

You may optionally mark a ship notice as arrived before counting and receiving units into stock. Ship notices without explicitly set arrival dates will automatically be marked as arrived with the current date if a receipt is created.

To mark Arrival Date to today, click Mark Shipment as Arrived:

To mark Arrival Date to another date, click Set Date from the Dates card:

Tip: This date and action affects inventory value, but has no effect on Stock or Available quantities.

Receive stock

To receive stock into Stitch inventory, click Receive from either the Purchase Order Detail or Ship Notice Detail pages:

Receiving units marks an unarrived ship notice as arrived and adds the units to the Available stock quantity.

You can receive purchase orders in whole or in parts. To account for variance between actual and promised quantities, you can under-receive or over-receive.

When you under-receive, the un-received quantity counts towards the Awaiting and Inbound quantities as long as the ship notices remains open.

When you over-receive, Stitch flags this quantity via the ship notice progress summary:

Complete and close

If you receive quantities exactly as expected, Stitch will automatically complete the ship notice.

If you received less than expected and don't expect to receive any additional units, you can complete the ship notice to remove unreceived units from awaiting and inbound stock.

To update costs at a later date and/or create new ship notices (features available on select plans only), leave the purchase order open.

Alert: Clicking Close Order is an optional step. Note that closed purchase orders cannot be reopened, but you can always add/remove tags, edit shipping details, and adjust permissions.