Order Holding Period

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2019 01:16PM PDT

The order holding period is an optional time buffer between downloading orders from your channel and passing fulfillments to your shipping solution. Use this setting to allow time for fraud checks, address updates, line item changes, etc.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

Setting the Order Holding Period

Order Holding Period can be configured at both the account and channel levels, with the latter taking precedence when both are set.

Account Level Setting

To set at the account level, go to Settings > General > Fulfillment Settings > Order Holding Period.
Order Holding Period - Account Level

Channel Level Setting

To set at the channel level, go to Integrations > Channels > Settings > Order Holding Period.

Earliest Release

Upon order import, Stitch automatically sets the Earliest Release date based on the order date plus the Order Holding Period. You can edit a fulfillment to manually set Earliest Release to the exact date and time you choose, regardless of Order Holding Period.

To remove the Earliest Release date, you can manually release a fulfillment, making it immediately available over the API for pickup by your shipping solution.

Note: While Earliest Release prevents your 3PL from seeing the fulfillment, it does not block routing or any other automated process.