Ship Transfer Orders via 3PL

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2018 06:53PM PST
You can ship and receive against transfer orders via an integrated 3PL. This reduces manual data entry and offers better visibility into inventory in transit.

Note: This article applies only to our latest version, Stitch X.

Note: If you're new to Stitch transfer orders, please read our transfer order overview.

Video Walkthrough

Supported 3PLs

Check to see whether your 3PL supports shipping against a Stitch transfer order:
Supported Not Supported
Ruby Has
DM Fulfillment
Retail Amplifier
Peoplevox WMS
Scout topShelf WMS

If your 3PL doesn't yet support this, encourage them to update their integration. In the meantime, you can create transfer orders to and from that warehouse, but you'll need to manually mark the transfer as shipped and received.

Release to 3PL

Releasing a transfer order makes it available over the Stitch API. To release a transfer order to your 3PL, click Release to 3PL:

To reduce accidental shipments, transfer orders won't be released to a 3PL without manual action.

Put back on hold

To hide a released transfer order from the API/3PL, click Hold:

Acknowledged by 3PL

When your 3PL syncs with Stitch, it will pull in any newly released transfer orders as fulfillments (similar to a sales order fulfillment). This marks the transfer order as Acknowledged and puts it in a locked, uneditable state:

Tip: To edit an already-acknowledged transfer order, click Force Unlock. Note that any edits you make must be separately communicated to your 3PL.

Ship via 3PL

When the integrated 3PL notifies Stitch that the transfer order has shipped, the transfer order will automatically update.

Next Steps

If you're transferring to a location that you control, manually receive against the transfer order shipment.

If the physical shipment from the 3PL doesn't match what was posted to Stitch, click Cancel Shipment from the Shipment Detail to revert it. From there, you can create a new shipment, edit the original transfer order, or close it entirely. Use these options with extreme caution.