Ship Transfer Orders

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2018 10:20AM PST
Shipping a transfer order moves units from your sending warehouse into the Transfer quantity. A transfer order can have multiple shipments.

Note: This article applies only to our latest version, Stitch X.

Create shipment

There are multiple ways to ship against a transfer order:

Ship order

To ship the entire transfer order, click Ship Order:

Ship selected

To partially ship a transfer order, select line items and click Ship Selected:

Tip: To quickly select multiple files, use filters and/or keyboard shortcuts (Shift + Click, Command + Click).

Ship remaining

To ship against a transfer order that's already partially shipped, click Ship Remaining:

Note: No matter which method you use to create a shipment in Stitch, you can always adjust shipment quantities on the next page.

Add shipping details

Add shipping details to help your team coordinate the transfer:
Ship Date This date displays on the shipment but has no effect on stock
Expected By This inherits the Expected By date set on the transfer order, but can be updated. This displays 
Tracking/Carrier Info Stitch automatically detects tracking numbers from DHL Express, FedEx, UPS, or and USPS, formatting the appropriate tracking link. If you enter a number from another carrier, you can enter a customer URL to be formatted as a hyperlink.
Notes These appear on the TO Shipment Detail page as well as the packing slip PDF.

Adjust ship quantities

You can add transfer order line items regardless of availability, but Stitch will alert and restrict certain shipments:
Alert Cause Requirement
Overcommitted The committed quantity exceeds the quantity on hand at the sending warehouse. More units are allocated to sales order fulfillments and transfer orders than you can currently fulfill. Review overcommitted units/variants to ensure you don't ship units that have been promised elsewhere.
Insufficient Stock Based on warehouse stock levels in Stitch, you don't have enough stock to ship the expected ship quantity. Reduce the ship quantity to no more than the number of units on hand or cancel the shipment, adjust stock upwards, and resume shipping the transfer.
Overshipment The ship quantity entered exceeds the unshipped/expected quantity. Reduce the ship quantity to no more than the number of unshipped units or cancel the shipment, adjust the order quantity upwards, and resume shipping the transfer.

Mark as received

To ship and immediately move units from the sending location to the receiving location, click Mark as Received:

Save shipment

Saving a shipment moves shipped units to Transfer stock. Transfer units can't be edited or made available for sale, fulfillment, or routing. View these units from the following pages:


Variant Detail

Inventory CSV

Download/email packing slip PDF

Once your shipment fully saves, you can download or email a packing PDF:

Cancel shipment (optional)

Canceling a previously saved shipment will delete the shipment and return all shipped units back to the sending warehouse in a committed state.

Note: Once you receive against a shipment, you can’t cancel a shipment. If you need to adjust shipped quantities, do so via a separate reconcile.

Next Steps

To receive against what was shipped and move units into the receiving location, see Receive Transfer Orders.

To see how stock flows through the transfer process, click through the slides below: