Create Transfer Orders

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2019 02:45PM PDT
Create transfer orders in Stitch to plan, request, and track inventory transfers between warehouses.

Note: This article applies only to our latest version, Stitch X.

Create transfer order To create a transfer order, go to Transfer Orders and click New Transfer Order:

Choose warehouses

Choose your sending and receiving warehouses:

Add details

Next, enter transit details:
Transfer Order Date (Required) Set to any date (past, present, future)
Expected By (Recommended) Specify when units on this transfer are expected in the receiving location
Reference Number Label and search for transfer orders by your own internal numbering
Notes Notes appear on the Transfer Order Detail page as well as the exportable TO PDF (in development)

Add line items

Add line items via any of the following methods:


Add line items by variant or add an entire product family at once:


Filter by product, option, and/or tag, then enter quantities for each line item. Don't forget to hit + to add each quantity!


Automatically add any variant that has reached its low-stock threshold in the receiving warehouse and has available stock in the sending warehouse.

These items will auto-populate with a default quantity of 1 (which you can then change).

Note: Stitch displays 30 line items per page. There's no line item limit, but we recommend limiting to a thousand for usability reasons.

To help you plan ahead, there are no stock/availability restrictions on what you can add to a transfer order. If you enter an order quantity higher than what's available in the sending warehouse, Stitch highlights this in red:

Add line item notes

Optionally add client order information, bundle/assembly instructions, or other information specific to individual line items (up to 255 characters per note):

Next steps

Review your transfer order, then click Save. This commits stock in the sending location and adds to the inbound quantity in the receiving location.

To generate a picklist for your warehouse, click More > Export Picklist. This picklist CSV includes variant ID, SKU, description, UPC, weight (lbs), (bin) location, and the unshipped quantity for each line item.

To export a PDF of your transfer order, click More > Download Transfer Order.

To move stock out of the sending warehouse, see Ship Transfer Orders.

To see how stock flows through the transfer process, click through the slides below: