Archiving Warehouses

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019 02:49PM PDT
If you have an inactive warehouse, you can archive it to hide it from in-app dropdowns, filters, and displays as well as exclude it from certain exports (Inventory CSV, Supplier Association CSV). Archiving a warehouse won’t remove it from any Stitch reports.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.


To archive a warehouse, it must meet each of the following criteria:
  • No stock (use the Inventory CSV to zero out stock for all variants in that warehouse, including archived variants)
  • Not assigned to any open sales orders, purchase orders, transfer orders, or fulfillments
  • Not assigned to any channel settings (Selective Stock Push, overflow/fulfillment/return warehouse, etc.)
  • Not assigned to a Lightspeed Retail shop
  • Can’t be the primary billing/shipping address
  • Can’t be the default warehouse

Archiving warehouses

From Settings > Company > Locations, find your unused warehouse and click Archive.

If it fails to meet any of the above criteria, you’ll see an error notifying you of what's preventing archiving.

Tip: Use the in-app table filters to find orders assigned to a warehouse.

Unarchiving/viewing archived warehouses

From the Company Locations page, scroll to the bottom and click View archived warehouses.

You’ll see a list of all archived warehouses. To unarchive, click Unarchive.