Product Tag Drill-Down

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2018 12:43PM PST
This report shows sales by variant and product tag. Use this report to analyze best sellers by product category.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

Note: To report by both variant and product tag, sales for variants with multiple tags will appear on multiple rows. For example, a variant with two product tags will have two rows, each with identical sales metrics.


Filter by order date, channel, and/or POS location.

This report excludes variants without sales as well as variants belonging to products without tags.


This report includes the following fields:
Field Definition
Product Tag The tag associated with a variant's parent product
Each tag for each variant is a separate row
Product ID The Stitch product ID
Variant ID The Stitch variant ID
Variant Name The name of the variant
SKU The variant's SKU
Tax Total tax collected for a variant
Total (Less Tax) Total non-tax revenue (sum of units * unit price) for a variant
Profit Total (less tax) - (units sold * current average unit cost) for a variant
Margin Pct Profit ÷ total (less tax) for a variant
Units Units sold for a variant
Price Per Unit Average selling price per unit sold
Equates to Total (less tax) ÷ units

Use Cases

Export this report to perform deeper analysis using pivot tables: analyze sales performance across and within products and product categories.

Note: This report duplicates sales for items with multiple tags. To calculate absolute sales totals, use the Sales by Variant or Order History reports.