Auto Packing Slips

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2019 02:30PM PST
With Auto Packing Slips, you can set packing rules based on whether you have units available for fulfillment.

Note: This article applies only to Stitch Classic.

Enable Auto Packing Slips

Enable Auto Packing Slips via Integrations > Channels > Channel Settings > Order Settings. Choose from four options:
Never auto pack Stitch won't auto-generate packing slips.
Always auto pack Stitch auto-generates a packing slip for the entire order, regardless of fulfillment availability.
Auto pack when entire order available Stitch generates a packing slip when all units on an order are available to fulfill.
Auto pack any available units Stitch generates a packing slip for any fulfillable units on the order.

Note: This feature is available only on certain pricing plans. If you’re unsure whether your plan includes this feature, please contact Support.

How Stitch Calculates Fulfillable Units

With auto-packing enabled, Stitch searches for fulfillable units on open, unshipped orders, searching approximately once every ten minutes. Stitch calculates fulfillable units as follows:
Total Stock - Units in Transit - Units Already Allocated to Packing Slips on Unshipped, Open Orders

If an order doesn't meet the packing criteria you've set, Stitch will re-check availability every ten minutes as long as the order remains open and unshipped. Stitch allocates fulfillable units to oldest orders first (based on Order ID).

Note: Stitch won't auto-pack draft orders, but if a draft order already has a packing slip, Stitch considers those packed units allocated and not available for fulfillment.