Auto Packing Slips

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2017 06:16PM PDT
With Auto Packing Slips, you can set packing rules based on whether you have units available for fulfillment. Use this setting along with Packing Slip Sync to manage backorders, preorders, and split shipments right from Stitch.

Enable Auto Packing Slips

Enable Auto Packing Slips via Integrations > Channels > Channel Settings > Order Settings. Choose from four options:
Never auto pack Stitch won't auto-generate packing slips.
Always auto pack Stitch auto-generates a packing slip for the entire order, regardless of fulfillment availability.
Auto pack when entire order available Stitch generates a packing slip when all units on an order are available to fulfill.
Auto pack any available units Stitch generates a packing slip for any fulfillable units on the order.

Note: This feature is available to all customers paying $449/month or more.

How Stitch Calculates Fulfillable Units

With auto-packing enabled, Stitch searches for fulfillable units on open, unshipped orders, searching approximately once every ten minutes. Stitch calculates fulfillable units as follows:
Total Stock - Units in Transit - Units Already Allocated to Packing Slips on Unshipped, Open Orders

If an order doesn't meet the packing criteria you've set, Stitch will re-check availability every ten minutes as long as the order remains open and unshipped. Stitch allocates fulfillable units to oldest orders first (based on Order ID).

Note: Stitch won't auto-pack draft orders, but if a draft order already has a packing slip, Stitch considers those packed units allocated and not available for fulfillment.

Using With ShipStation

If you generate packing slips in Stitch, be sure to enable Packing Slip Sync, which passes packing slips rather than full sales orders to ShipStation. Rather than splitting orders on ShipStation, you'll keep orders intact, splitting them into multiple packing slips in Stitch.