Lightspeed Retail - Order Management

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2018 02:03PM PDT
Stitch automatically imports new orders from Lightspeed on each sync. 

Order Status Updates

Paid, completed orders from Lightspeed Retail import into Stitch as billed and paid.

Order updates don't pass from Lightspeed Retail to Stitch or vice-versa.

Note: Returns/refunds don't sync between Stitch and Lightspeed.

Order Settings

Adjust your Lightspeed order settings to control how order information flows to and from this channel.

Order Details

Stitch imports new orders on each sync, pulling in line items, customer info, order financials, and customer notes.

Subsequent changes to order details (post-sync) won't import into Stitch.

Customer Info

Retail POS orders will have a unique contact in Stitch as long as you enter an email address at the point of sale. If you don't enter an email address, customer info imports, but under a generic Unknown Customer from Lightspeed POS contact record.